Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am officiallly on maternity leave as of today!

Yes. Once upon a time, I used to be that skinny. That was a picture taken of me emceeing an event about a year ago. Now I weigh in 62.5kgs. And still growing. Sigh.

Someone asked me if there was any pressure to lose the weight I have gained during pregnancy due to the nature of my job. I told her there was no pressure -- but I must admit, I yearn to wear my size 24 jeans and squeeze back into my tiny tops and size 7 1/2 4"stiletto's.

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was constantly checking out my tummy and was (secretly) delighted when people started to notice the bump I carried with much pride. During the second trimester, I was (relieved) that I could no longer fit into my daily jeans. And FINALLY, I could wear the maternity tops that were given to me (thank you Runway Maternity and Topshop!) Towards the end of my second trimester and early 3rd stage, I was (again- secretly) enjoying the fact that people would compliment on how "good I look" during my pregnancy, and I would gloat in (sheer narcissistic) joy when they said "7 months? You look Soooo good!"

Now, about 37 weeks pregnant, I am finally feeling the pregnancy blues. Real friends smile in empathy when they see me waddling around ungracefully. I tried being 'cute' and 'energetic' the other day at the station -started doing the Charlie Chaplin dance. I should have known better. I fell on my butt. Nothing happened to baby (thank God!) but I had a damaged ego. It didn't help that I was wearing my 3" nine west wedges.

I measured myself again last night. I am now a 37-40-38. I can't fit into my shoes anymore cause my feet are bloated and no longer have an arch. I cried last night, and daddy-to-be (God bless him) told me that he will get me new shoes after my delivery. I weeped on. He said I can buy as many shoes as I want. I stopped crying after he mentioned Manolo...

I used to be proud of my growing northern assets, but now, I look at it queerly. It does not look like those flashed on Men Magazines. It has thick, ugly green veins and I have to use these really ugly maternity bras as opposed to the colourful, lacy, sexy ones that I am accustomed to cause its more comfortable and doesn't hurt my ribs.

I tried touching my toes. In week 35, I was still nifty in reaching for my toenails in bouncing style. Today, I was lucky I could reach halfway down my calves.

2 weeks ago, I use to take pride in telling people that I was still working on thebreakfastshow cause I can. Today, as I bid goodbye to the viewers at home, I said it with much relief. I am officially on my maternity leave starting today and if all goes well, will be back in 2 months time.

So will I be my 33-24-35, 49 kgs self again in 2-3 months time?

I don't know. But what I do know is that my anxiousness, anxiety and growing nervousness is mounting as each day grows closer to D-day.

11 more days peeps.


Takut lah.


  1. May God bless you Daphne and I hope you will be in a good condition of health...It doesn't matter whether you can get your shape back, Im sure eventually you will but for now I just hope that u'll be in a good condition of health....and prayer goes to your baby too...may the mum and baby are both healthy! have my prayers.

  2. I don't think anybody should be expecting you to get your old size back. Unless you really want to.

    I always think a little bit of curve on you will do better. Betul ni.

  3. HI, I am new to your site - You're lucky you are only "suffering" on the last 3 weeks of the pregnancy!

    I was also like you, could do all those till my last 2 months which were abit unbearable (due to the weight). But funnily, I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 50kg just after 3 weeks of giving birth.. and I did not even go on any diet. So, don't worry so much, the stress of the newborn will get you back in shape! ;P (I think tht's wht got me back into my skinny jeans after 3 weeks!)

    Good Luck again!

  4. you are always beautiful to me no matter what size you are...go daphne go!

  5. Hi Daphne. You look as sexy as ever and so much 'glow'. You are the only person I know who can be 9mths pregnant and still look so slim on TV!! I'm sure you'd have no problem getting back to size 33-24-35. Can't wait to see pics of baby Isobel!

  6. hello ms daphne.. ha ha ha.. im seet lar.

    all the best to you and your baby!! tbs roxx!! miss u guys so so much.

    and ya, i still remember that i owe u lunch.

  7. Daphne dear, 11 Days to go.. If nothing come in btween, Isobel is going to be delivered on my bday.. so nxt year, i can have a 1 year old tot attend my bday party..

  8. Daphne,
    Hi i'm lyna the one u met at Hana's open house a few weeks ago. i think i owe u an 'experience' of mine! LOL
    i was like u when i was pregnant. i wanted to be operated rather than have normal delivery because i was scared as hell! and i was POSITIVELY sure that i was gonna be on C-Sec, considering my skinny frame, and butt :p i was sooooo sure. as the weeks came nearer, i jadi lagi takut! i looked up on c-sect on the net everyday, instead of looking up on normal delivery. THAT was how scared i was. but lo and behold, i had contraction on the 8th month (36 + weeks)of my pregnancy and i was so sure i was gonna have c-sect, because of my pre-mature baby! but nope, i went into normal delivery, with the help of drugs, thats for sure. epidural la what else. if takde that one, i'd be killing everyone in the room with my contraction pain :p my gynae was very good at soothing n telling me that i can go into normal delivery. she was very encouraging. at that time, i'd rather hear her voice than my husbands' voice :p (hubby pun takut)
    but to tell u the truth, based on my experience, the pain to deliver n push TAK SAKIT compared to the contraction pain. seriously. i knew that i had the feel to 'push' the baby out, when i felt the urge to 'berak'. no kidding. 3 times of pushing and with the help of vacuum, my baby was out. the pain INSTANTLY went away. all pain.
    ...but when ur on epidural, the aftermath when the drug wears off, well u know lah. but its still bearable compared to the contraction pain!
    my episitomy stitch was rather long, but that did'nt matter. i was back in shape after 3 weeks, feeling good as new ;)
    everybody woman goes into labour and normal delivery babes, millions of woman go thru it. just think of it that way, and u wont be as scared.
    i hope my experience here helps u out a bit!
    ...and dont worry too much lah, everything will be smooth and ok for you.! and i hope that u will go through ur delivery in style!
    u take care :)

  9. u'll fit back in yer slinky shoes in no time BUT the 24-inch waist part is rather tricky. Esp after a C-section!

  10. Hallooo gorgeous Daph..!

    Long time no see! How are you dear?
    Waahh..sudah mahu jadi seorang ibu.
    Auntie Fifi n Uncle Adli nak kiss baby tau nanti! Mesti beritau kami k. Yaayy!!

    Take a good care, aite!

  11. Good luck dear!!!!....Be prepare to one of the most memorable days in your life. Wishing you all the best!!!

    And......happy argh!argh!argh!push!push!push! in labour room....hehehe just joking!

  12. Speaking from experience, when the baby comes out from you, you will be so overwhelmed with the wonders of what we women can do.. the little bundle of joy wailing will just make you feel the whole 9 / 10 months process is well worth it and there is nothing to be afraid of. I went tru natural delivery with the help of the magical epidural. Need no special diet, need not stress over the weight. You lose about 10kgs instantly once the baby and placenta comes out from you. And in about 7 weeks time, betcha will be back to your 49kgs.. the newborn will make you slim back in 3days time if I am not mistaken *wink* Sleep all you want right now tho.. when Isobel is out, trust me, you will be sleep deprived.. but only for a little while.. till shes about 1 month old.. =)

  13. you will be beautiful mother and beautiful person as always...
    hope you will be in good health! and God bless....soon she going to call you "mommy" ('',)

  14. Hi Daphne,
    Dun worry 2 much, dear. Its not gud 4 both u n bb cos d last thing u wanna get is d 'BB Blues' thing, rite?
    Relax n enjoy d waitin, thou its bit tough...
    All d best n God b wif u. N dun bother wif wat others say, as u'll know best..esp for Isobel.
    Wil b missin u in d BBS. But lookin forward 2 c ur bb..

  15. Daphne, did u join any of d mama club? u know, d Enfamama Club, Dumex World o Abmum Club? Join their forum 4 mothers. U'll find it very useful. Esp d Enfamama Club at At least something 2 do while waitin....

  16. Btw, if u really opt 4 C-section i hav something which will really help on d recoverin..faster than u ever can imagine. I've experienced dat myself n also few frens. Contact me 0129253936, as i'm not into direct sellin so dun wan 2 mention d products here...hehe..

  17. dapne, not good complaining tau. the most important be happy as long as the baby is in healthy condition. jangan pressure sangat. take a rest and you will be fine. you badan and rangka kecik so mesti dapat balik size badan lama

  18. Hi pon...

    Dun worry...u'll b fine! I'd went through all your worries...believe'l wil had wonderful d'day, especially when you love one come to this busy n noisy world... All pain wil gone... I wish you good luck and rest a lot...

  19. hi daphne..don't worry..sakit tuh kejap je..after baby dah keluar..hilang semua sakit..TRUST ME!

  20. hey daph..
    no worries la.. i was 68kgs before i gave birth to talia!! now i'm like anorexic la.. you'll loose weight fast too once you start running after Isobel.. all the best and god bless.

  21. ur stil gorgeous eventho ur in ur last stage..envy, envy..but anyways, God Bless to lil Isobel n of cos to urself,

  22. daphne i wish u all the best ! ^^v
    i believe that u will surely get back to your original gorgeous figure so easliy after Isobel's delivery~
    take care ya !

  23. T.T I finally found your blogspot....imagine scurring thru millions of them...Got ur blogspot add from the mag. Forgot which mag was it.

    Your pregnancy reminds me of the time where I put my hands on my aunt's belly. Felt amazing indeed. From nth to baby conceived,belly grow and baby starts kicking.

    My mom (55) and I both agree that you still look sexy even during pregnancy! Btw, we are both Breakfast Show fans because of you : ) Love to see you on air. Will miss you a lot...God bless you and baby Isobel...


    PS: Don't worry about your weight lar...there's always Marie France Bodyline when exercise tak jadi XD

  24. Hi there. i work for a ballet school and must say my boss is very very slim for a mother of two. so don't worry, you well get in shape during prenatal. It is nonetheless a funny post though i can imagine how seriously u've written it. see how many comments u've got. It show how much support u have from everyone. so hang in there. tmrw may not be a better day for you but trust me a better tmrw will surely come by.

    p/s: can't wait to see baby!!!!

  25. You will always be that Daphne Iking who is very beautiful, inside out, no matter what's the size. So, don't worry, millions out there will second my comment.

    Good luck and all the best for you and little Isobel

    Go Sabahan! Go Sarawakian! Heh!

  26. Hi Daphne,

    from your look, i can say that u'll be able to go back 2 ur old size. but be carefull during ur confinement. based on my experience (4xmom)i gained weight during confinement, due to the excess carb (i think so), which the old folks said i need most for extra energy/recovery time. i really envy u guys who can get back old size just after 3 weeks. just amazing. as for me, it takes me 1 yr to loose the extra kgs. & unfortunately not to my old size, ha ha ha....

    good bless u Daphne. do not worry put too much. trust me, most important is the brain & supplemented by the look. i blv, susah jugak nak tengok seorang 'native' menguasai tv screen bah. selalunya kita tengok muka kacukan saja. & you have a natural beauty. go ahead & good luck.

  27. Dear Daphne or we should call you "CzipLee's favourite celebrity friend"!

    Congratulations from all of us!

    Have a good one next week! And hope to see you back here soon after!


  28. you know all the silly sponsors selling their beauty products? I bet all of them would want you to be their after-pregnancy spoke person.

    Macam-macam ada, from slimming centres to jammu concoction.

  29. Hey sweetie... Don't scared! I'll hold your hand if you need to.. :)

    Loves~ xoxo

  30. Pon, now I feel your nervousness.. If not standing tall like a superwoman haha! Fret not wif your energetic spirit you can get back in shape in no time.. Ya just look at oyeen susah to put on weight even in the land of shish kebabs.. :)(I mish talia)
    Pray for smooth delivery k
    p/s: Err when u go and shop for Manolo hola me k cos can tumpang sibuk2 hehe *hugs*
    God bless!

  31. Hi there,

    Saw you on tv the other day and you were positively gorgeous for a lady nearing her due date. Am sure you'll look even more beautiful after Isobel arrives with the mommy glow and all. The pounds will just melt away when caring for a newborn. You take care now and wishing you all the best with the c-sect.

  32. you have a sister called Michelle Iking? She's my senior (Ausmat 10)

  33. Pon..!

    Rykal is 9 months today and Kamaljit sez i look like a little girl..

    is that comforting? hahahaha

    ps: i'm 50kgs

    love you!!

  34. bah..u can loose weight bah..kasih breastfeed only..then whatever excess flab u have will surely be either lessen or hilang...hehe..i had to get new jeans for my more slimmer frame after delivering 2nd DD..encouragement bah nie...

  35. all the best to you my dear! i wish u safe delivery!

  36. hi Daphne, never seen such a beautiful preg lady like you. You look really awesome. Don't worry too much on your shape, it will go back to your best shape in no time. Now, just take care of your self and always take a deep breath to relax. okie. can't wait to see baby Isobel:)

    GO GO JIA YU, have a safe delivery dear.

    cheryl, nyoke, andrew

  37. please dont ever stop blogging. keep us in the loop so we know how u're doing n all. do u know how many girls kill to be in your shoes right now? haha im serious. give us any tips bout being a first time mum. good luck! n keep on blogging hot mama!

  38. Do not worry much girl! I am sure you will get through it in a breeze! God bless!