Monday, October 29, 2007

some pictures that make me smile

Recently threw an amazing (surprise) party for a very dear pal of mine. Here are three different hair colours that you can choose from.

She's a social butterfly;
Who loves as much as she defecates;
Who will do anything for a friend in need;
And walks with such 'grace', she puts elephants to shame.
Happy Birthday KuihMui!

Overlooking the Balinese ocean, this is one picture that brings wonderful memories of the happier times. Totally oblivious to the photographers and videographer, daddy-to-be finally learns to relax and enjoys the big day. White dress, white suit-- sometimes not all homes comes with white picket fences; but its those smudges on the wall that makes cleaning satisfying!
At the end of the day, you can always put pretty wallpaper...

That's our poopoops.

I took this with my new "toy". The subject of the day was clearly not impressed with my trigger happy finger. Suffering from a few hours of fun the night before, she was not in the mood to entertain me with my enthusiastic photography mood. I will tag this picture as Michelle-Ann doing the Michael Jacko Wacko!

My fave colleagues! Beautiful picture taken by Anna-Rina. You'd think they're lovers! =P

Nazrudin's nephew. Such a handsome boy. He reminds me of my brother, Boboy when he was at his 'galangas' (naughty) phase.


  1. hey,so what is ur birth plan.would you mind to blog about it? take care and sleep more. i wish you and ur baby safe delivery. *smile*