Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daphne's Birth Plan

I recently emailed a Birth Plan to 7 of my closest friends and family members for them to go through in the event that "Isobel's" father is not around for her birth. I STILL don't understand why (some) of them have laughed at my birth plan -- what's wrong with a 9 page Birthing Plan anyway?

I'm not sure how many first time mothers have done a Birth Plan, but I have read that its quite normal to have one, so I was a little taken aback at the comments of those I sent the plan to.
I mean, what's wrong if I tell them my preference of my delivery/ postpartum room and where I would like my lilac floor mats to be placed.

And so what if I ask that I am allowed the freedom to walk around or sit up while waiting - with the excuse that " I will go mad- in both terms (angry & crazy) if I am asked to lie still" ?

And isn't it much more clearer if I told these key people that " I don't wish to see anyone for the next 2 days (but family and super close friends *Ryan/accompanying significant will have the list) so I can fully rest!

Or " I will only allow visitors firstly, once the epidural wears off; two, when I am accustomed to the pain and three (most important), AFTER I look decent!"


I reread my birth plan and find nothing wrong with it.

But just in case, I will accompany this Birth Plan with a fruit basket so the Hospital team won't feel too generous with their potential snickering.

What do you think?


  1. Hey D,

    When are you due? U'll do great I'm sure, you and Isobel both. The birth plan sounds good, by the way. :)

  2. pon! i can come n visit u n isobel after the delivery, rite? i've alredi seen u looking 'indecent' wut..! i can't wait! i'm sure u'll do fine.. n u'll b a great mom! n isobel will b the most beautiful baby eva!! u guys r gonna b so happy, no matter wut..

  3. It is great to have a birth plan..
    Sound cool...

  4. any chance of us peeking at the Birth Plan?

  5. Birth Plan sounds good to me for a first time mother like you...heeh especially if you were alone ...erghh....hehe but dont be afraid it gonna be ok for you and your baby...take care...

  6. i think a birthplan is a perfectly reasonable idea considering you will be pretty much out of action and want it to be a moment worth remembering. im fine with it pon, and i will be there with your aromatherapy candles and lilac mats ok.

    for all those who do poo-poo your idea, im sure THEY will wish they had one if they had thought of it earlier ;p

  7. very the Rebecca Brandon (née Bloomwood).. Am sure u've read the book..

  8. huuhuuu..first time mother la yg biasanya terlebih hyper..
    esp yg dah hooked dgn babycenter.com n lain lain yg seumpamanya...

    err..i did dat too..years ago lah

    worry not daphne:D

  9. i tink i wld plan mine too for my 1st born..its alrite to plan for sumting..at least u wont get panicky wen de time comes...gud luck!

  10. i saw you in 'parenthood mag'(think it's called parenthood, not quite sure.)you were featured in that mag. saw it when i was browsing through the rack for the mag that i wanted to buy. and u look great still! as for the birthplan, it sounds cool! go go daphne! u'll do well. no worries. Lord will always be there for you. cheers! =D

  11. detsiwt playgrd keeper :November 4, 2007 at 10:28 PM

    ay chic... so, ppl wont get to see u till u look decent eyh? hahaha... ur beautiful, i bet u'll be even super hot the second the isobel's out.

    go daphne go!! wooooo hooo~!!

  12. I made my birthplan too for my delivery this month..It helps me to 'inform' those around me during labor of what my preferences are (especially the part that makes me feel comfortable). When you are in pain, you just cant think straight or have the energy or mood to 'communicate'..so birth plan helps. But, I am still open to what the doc has to say or suggest if the situation requires medical intervention. So...for the time being, stay put with your birthplan :-)

    Good Luck with your labor soon!


  13. halo.. am julian, big fan.. good luck with the baby. do visit my blog if you are free... thank you


  14. Well, i OBVIOUSLY know nuts about birth plans but u just made my day. i think its just hilarious that u wanted things such as floor mats to be exactly where it should be.. props for the good english. very nicely written.

  15. I had a birth plan too (being a first time mom like you, and also due to the "Requirements" of the Health System here in UK)... but it was thrown out of the window on the actual day!

    Good luck! :)

  16. Though I am so late,

    I had my birth plan too.

    It's great in fact to do this.


    Yan Lim.