Monday, September 17, 2007

whom and what i saw in penang recently

A visit to Penang is not complete without visiting my darling friend Nigel. I shed a tear cause you won't be able to play auntie to lil' Isobel. I hope you are gay and happy up there. I love you.

Timmy Han used to dance with me back in 1999 when I was a cabaret dancer in Penang. Met her and some other dancer pals at Chillout, GurneyHotel. I used to be afraid of her, and now, I am puzzled why. She is a lovable character who is still seeing the same guy since the heydays.

Saw this little poster while I was enjoying my char kuew teow. Found it rather amusing.

Translation: Our coffee shop business starts with a small modal. Come and sit inside our shop,and you have to order at least a glass of drink. If you don't, you will need to pay 40 sen a person.

That's why if you buy the cendol (pronounced 'cendoi' up north) from the stall outside and bring it inside the kopitiam , you have to pay an additional 40 sen. Although now come to think of it, we paid 50 sen extra...hmmm???

Took a round island trip and saw this along the way. Stuck in a mini jam along the way (yes, in bloody Balik Pulau man!!!) and I presume its the construction of the second link bridge from the mainland to the island. Thank God! Cause I was stuck at the Penang Bridge jam for nearly 2 hours! (apparently a bus was rosak)

How many parents does it take to change a baby's diaper? TWO. One experience mum to assist an inexperience daddy. That's Xixi and her hubby William.

The reason why I drove up to Penang was to visit Xixi. She used to teach us dancing when I joined Indigo Dance Production. She safely delivered Gaby Cheah En last week. I wanted to get her input on childbirth. She went for a C-section.
Her answer?


Got bakat or not? She is so tiny. Isobel, I can't wait to see you!

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