Sunday, September 2, 2007

what can i do?

Tonight at 830pm ARSENAL vs PORTSMOUTH!

I was talking to my spouse the other night.

"Yeah... they're dangling millions of dollars carrot to him"(Mr R - aka goofy tooth)

"sigh...look at Rooney. Earning a at least 100 thousand pounds a WEEK!"

"wish I could play football. best shot I had was being a goalie during highschool. But I almost got whacked, so stuck to tennis and basketball"

"I can't play football..hey! I wonder how much the referees get?"

He shrugs.

"maybe I should be a referee!"

He laughs politely.

"They don't have female referees in EPL!"

"well, I'll be the FIRST then!"

He laughs slightly louder.

"You have to be just as fit as the players"

I fume.
His chuckles dies.

" think I can't run like them?"

"yes...but you're pregnant now"

*Stupid man*

"Its not like I'm going to be pregnant for the rest of my life you know? Isobel HAS to pop out!"

"you know what I mean..."

"no. I don't"

*i do*

I take my iron supplements and get ready for bed.

Perhaps he's right. A referees job ain't that easy either.

Referees are easy targets in the world of football.

The criteria for judging referees is different - we look at their mistakes, we concentrate on them. These get magnified and blown out of proportion, and the media, ever the propaganda machine, feeds on these errors and conducts media trials.


I'll do something else. Geez.


  1. no wonder u constipated lah... iron does that to u, u know... do they have antenatal multivits there like materna or elevit? they're better than just singular supplements. otherwise minum prune juice

  2. Hello, this is my 1st comment. i guess you enjoyed Arsenal's 3-1 win over Portsmouth.

  3. have been frowning the whole day but after reading your post it turned upside down...:)

  4. thanks guys!

    Trace, i take the brand essence prune juice religiously every night so my constipation problems NO MORE! alleluia!

    Kelv, YES! I am delighted with the win....still a long way to go...but good start anyway...

    Luxen@ooi, i know i do a fantastic running man, but a cheerleader i cant do!

    MR, read ur comment, and THAT made me smile even bigger!


  5. Go Arse- nal/ne!!
    Wenger has just signed an extension.

    Well, ladies being referees are not helped by this Brazilian referee who post for some adult magazine. geezzz