Friday, September 21, 2007

To cut a long story short

My good friend corrected my England today. He said, "Daph, its TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT and not, TO CUT A STORY SHORT."

I thanked him as he looks at me nervously.

"Are you mad that I corrected you?

"Nolah..don't be silly..never really realized it actually...but kenapa tak tegur awal-awal? I do it with you..."

"Well..cause when you start talking.."

I interject.

"I know..I know...ha ha ha! I hog the conversation....sigh...bad habit"

Got home and got a follow up sms from him.

"To cut a long story short", I decided to blog about this. He was worried I would be angry with his observation and correcting my mistake. That was the least of my concern. You see, quite often, we would have our own little bets and friendly fights on what's grammatically right, or politically correct. Quite often, I would win. *Sometimes I use the puss in the boots look*

MY anal side started thinking, "Hmmm...if he is so worried about me getting offended, have I crossed the line when I (gently) correct him? Have I, in the past, offended him deep down inside; and have taken it ever too lightly when I do- thinking all is nice and rosy?"

I have a friend who pronounces "THAILAND as THAI-LAND and not TAI-LAND. I dare not correct him. Why? Beats me. Scared I guess. There are just some who takes criticism badly.

I have another 'friend' who loves correcting EVERYONE he meets (yes, even strangers) on the correct pronunciation...

"er...hello..its "AR-monds..not AL-monds"

Its with no wonder why some of my close friends dodge him when he turns up in events.

So, how do we correct someone tactfully? When do we do it? Who can we do it to?

Potato - Poh ta to ... bah....


  1. I nitpick ALL the time. Which isn't good when it's with people who easily gets offended. I just can't help it! :(

  2. aiyoo..i guess it's so sabahan...all the time correcting bad habit too..especially their grammar, vocab...bla bla bla...