Monday, September 17, 2007

someone has a new car!

My friend just got his new car 2 weeks back. He couldn't get the red coloured one unfortunately but this silver one looks just as dashing as the owner! Because of his kedekut cina and anal melayu side, pregnant ladies are not allowed in his car. I know noone is allowed to smoke in this car -- (biasalah, kereta baru)-- but I don't (really) smoke, so what's the deal dude? So, on my way home after The Breakfast Show, I decided to show my anger by putting stuff on his car. I know that would irritate the boxers out of him! I don't carry rotten eggs or bloody tampons, so the best I could (pathetically) do is place tissues on his new Lancer.

Placed one on the aeriel...

...and on his wipers!

Took a step back. My attempt on vandalism is rather pathetic, I know. But still. He never said a word the next time I saw him. Ha ha ha. Now he will know once his gf reads my blog.

(rub hands in glee)

So nazzieboy, pelajaran yang patut dipelajari ialah: jangan kedekut memberi laluan kepada wanita cantik yang hamil 7 bulan menduduki kereta baru anda. padah jadinya!


  1. woots. didnt know uncle naz so kaya.

    anyway shouldnt it be pengajaran and not pelajaran? lol...once again you made me laugh like gila.

  2. Hahaha pon. you so nakal, Naz must have been cussing

  3. u're soo hillarious! isobelle should be one cheeky baby nanti. love ur writings!

  4. so daphne..did u wait and see Naz's reaction?sure ngamuk gile dia..and he cannot curse coz it's ramadhan..heheheh...

  5. why guys are so damn vain abt their new car? its not tat we gonna pollute Abg Naz right!!! hehehehe...u noti Daphne

  6. Hi Daphne,
    I just found out your blog, and I guess that am not too late to say Congratulations. You're going to be a mum soon !

    I met you last April at Anuar Zain's show at the JW Marriot, and you presented me a voucher that I supposed to go and eat, but unfortunately, I couldnt really make it. I live in Sydney by the way !

    And I still could remember how you were talking of having a baby, and you were really hoping ! God, your dream came true after all !

    take care

    - rini -

  7. so lah the ladylikenye you punya vandalism ok..letak tissue lagi...i can just imagine lil isobel pulling the same prank like mommy daphne....

  8. astaga....
    that's all you have to do to give him a lesson...?



  9. you are so funny ..hahah

  10. hahhh...

    nazzieboy got himself a lancer???
    i like!!!


  11. I can just hear him going "c*b*i eh! Tiu, who the f*ck put that on my car?!!"

  12. when he eventually found out, he was half amused. I'm sure he would have been like "c*b*i eh!Tiu...why the f*ck did you do that for maci**i!"
    But he didn't cause when he found out, we were at a friend's baby birthday party and its bulan Ramadhan.

    So dia tak lah marah sangat.

    Pengajaran I mean.