Monday, September 17, 2007

sisters are doing it for themselves

The Indots and the Ikings

Actually, from afar, we ALL can look like sisters, kan? Standing near me is Melissa Indot and below her is Marina. Michelle-ann grinning. Earlier, my sister tried to do some photoshop-ing on this picture. Instead of beautifying us, she managed to draw green dots on Marina and my forehead instead! Thank God for the undo button!
And that furry monster is a very happy Gucci. Michelle-ann spoils her. Michelle-ann INSISTS her name is only correct if its spelt the way I spell it. Anal. She's snoring now.
She's a facebook addict too!

Ok. Its 4.22am. I should get some zzz...

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  1. Hey!!! I know Marinna... we were classmates in primary school .. Havent seen her since then I think ... Wow!!! after all these years ... was browsing thro' some blogs & happened to stumbled upon yours ... Anyway, give her my regards ... dunno if she still remembers me .. tell her .. Kamal Samad sends his regards ... if she still remembers-lah ... if not!! can't blame her ... we were in primary school way back in the 70's in Sri Petaling ... OOpps!! sorry .. did I reveal her age???