Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Eddy (Vince Chong) the Frog has to leave his pond because he sings, instead of croaking. He finds fame, fortune and rock 'n roll on "Frogway", but to his horror finds out that his agents , Snake (Harith Iskandar) and Stork (Elaine Daly) are planning to eat him. Will melon seeds save the day? Will pond life ever be the same again?

Frogway- the Groovy Musical directed by Harith Iskandar proved to be a hit.
Heard Mel Gibson enjoyed the show too!

When I asked Harith to book 8 tickets for me and my friends, little did I know that he would get me the most...ermm...expensive ones (I knowlah you want us to support setinggi-tinggi yang mampu)..so when I started to collect money from my pals who joined me for this musical (I dragged everyone out), I felt a slight guilt on my part during the dinner, prior to the show.

"err..guys...its RM102."

"wah..so mahal ah? thot we getting the RM50 -60 ones?"

*silence as I collect the moolah to pass to the 'snake' later*

After dinner, we marched to the Actors Studio.

All we can say is, NO REGRETSsssss...

Vorth every sen...

Harith and team, our salutes to you!

*and thank you Mui for the pictures, although I didn't get our group picture*

The ever beautiful Elaine Daly who plays Stork

Hansen & Chelsia. Chelsia practiced for months with her Japanese slang. I think she did a very good job! Her singing?Impeccable!

Shegar, Frogway's Costume designer. Was not surprised with the outcome. Gorgeous Sheg's!

The Chongs.
The one on the far left can't sing. But he is tall....
Do, Re, Mi...

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  1. Pon, why were you holding the brown envelope i think in every picture?