Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old & New

What's the story with us?

I used to host a reality program on tv3 many years ago for 2 seasons. I (thought I) was to settle down and have kids, so I decided to quit and she took over.
So I was the old hag who used to host Explorace, and she, the hot koochi-mama, who won the hearts of the team and viewers in Season 3.

We both host different programs now, but we still keep in touch and occasionally bump into each other on several events.
This was taken backstage during our Media Prima Screenings and what a riot!

I told her, "hey we're probably going to have the same picture on our blogs!"
( I took the picture for both cameras cause she said I have a steadier hand. I think she was trying to maintain her stance, cause my heavy ass was making her go off-balance!)
And this girl is very, very stylo.

Read her blog sashabashir.blogspot.com
I can see why she is to write for gua.com.my as a fashion expert!
(gua.com.my will be officially launched today!)

And only this dancer-social butterfly-beautiful host-fashion writer can get a hair trim, BACKSTAGE minutes before our Company event!

Some say the old and new can't gel
I beg to differ
I think those who think in the past will remain haunted by the past

And that's why tak gemilang, cemerlang and terbilang


  1. you're so sweet...

    not a fsahion expert lah honey...

    just an acknowledged fashion junkie..

    :) :)

  2. Yup.. tak cemerlang, gemilang and terbilang because always pandang belakang and cerita pasal orang.. :)

  3. hi daphne
    sia fan ko ni! i found your blog again. last time u did closed it rite..
    always see on TV..and so happy for you and the baby,..u happy mom..

    can i put ur blog at my side link?? please....


  4. Shasha is cool, but daph, you're still the best host for Explorace! :)