Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Name doppelgangger?

Dearest Michelle Ann Iking,

I have noticed that we share the same surname. How ironic. I have a sister called Michelle-Ann too, although she has a dash in between Michelle & Ann. She is quite anal when it comes to spelling her name, so I guess you aren't my sister- you must be a different Michelle Ann Iking. Wow! TWO MICHELLE ANN IKINGS IN THE WORLD! I should tell my sister about her name dopplegangger! (Is this how you spell it, cause it has a red underline, meaning I could have spelt it wrongly).

Anyway, do keep in touch. I got your card from my sister and I do wish you well with Tune Hotels. I'm married and expecting a baby girl in 2 months time. In fact, I'm getting your name dopplegangger; my sister, to keep my placenta for me so I can consume it as soon as I can. Its an ancient Chinese belief - fountain of youth- sort of thing.

I had better run. My sister and I are facebook addicts, so I bet she's online facebook-ing now.

You take care and if we ever meet, do the running man.


Daphne Iking (see? our surnames are the same. Eerie!)

* *I sent this email to my sister upon receiving her new name card and noticed there was no DASH in between her two names. If I am quirky, zany and totally out of control , my older sister is the TOTAL opposite. What was her reply to my email? a) amused b) not amused
Go Figure.


  1. Dearest Daphne,

    I was in fact VERY amused...and quite frankly almost soiled myself laughing. Not that anyone would notice, because as you can see from the series of photos we took together, I am a living statue and almost never move.

    Yours in sisterhood,
    Michelle-Ann (yes I prefer a hyphen cos Daddy INSISTS that is the name he gave me EVEN THOUGH he was a bit silly and forgot to put it that way on my birth cert, which was used as a basis for my IC, thereby creating this whole mess and faux-doppelganger-ness) Iking

  2. Daphne,

    I think you should now name your baby... Isobel Hyphen.

  3. for a sec there, i thought you photoshopped those 3 photos of you and Michelle...cause si Michelle didn't seem to move at all and there you were, with three different funny-faces pose. haha. You both are so linawa.

  4. michelle-ann has a cute-chubby-baby-fat cheeks! hee hee!

  5. Hahahah!! Your blog is keeping me amused day by day.

    Pon, you have it in you all these while, funny and creative! Michelle is lucky to have such a happy go lucky sister.

    I am going to have my firstborn in less than 2 months, lets pray that we'll have a smooth delivery.

    In the meantime, I will keep reading your funny blog :-)


  6. Hi Pretty daphne.. i always viewing your blog, nice story! Keep it up.. :)

  7. what the... who the heck eats human placenta!?? That is so gross! Don't do it!

  8. Hi Popon,

    Jolene here, mayo sister ba... i've read all ur blog almost everyday... interesting ba ur story anyway it's nice to see you in person becoz u r s o damn nice... take care..

  9. why your kakak speak with australian accent one while you speak like... hrm, nevermind.

    Australian accent sexy. Grrrrr...

  10. luxen ooibc; i heard that the hongkies are all doing the placenta'm just going to keep the placenta. If I berani, then will go ahead with the plan lah...

    and Michelle's accent is British (Bri-ish)- not australian lah.

    ha ha ha

  11. Hi Daph, you are as unique as your name. i have fun reading your blog. love your way of writing too. very easy to understand & staight forward.BTW, how u get the spelling of I-S-O-B-E-L?? isn't it spelt as ISABELL? with the vowel A instead of O. whatever....Good luck to you & hope you hv a sooth delivery. on the use of disposable diaper & cloth napkin, the best is alternate, i mean cloth for daytime & disposable for night. i already have 4 kids & i know it ma...but if you're always on he move, then go for disposble for convinience.
    do some write up about Sabah,ok. maybe it will remind me of my 3 yrs stay in KK (i study there(Menggatal) for 3 yrs-early 90's)

  12. holy crap. placenta . i should write a song about that haha

  13. hi daphne..u know husband went for interview at tune hotels..n he said that yr sister work salah org la eh..dia kata muka sebiji cam u..

  14. hi daphne..u know husband went for interview at tune hotels..n he said that yr sister work salah org la eh..dia kata muka sebiji cam u..