Monday, September 17, 2007

i learnt today...

Went for ilhan maya's 1 year birthday bash today. Got her a size 21 adidas sneakers (so comel) and a pair of adidas trekkies to go with it. Good to see some mutual friends, some I haven't lepak with for sometime. I daresay, it wasn't as awkward as I had imagined!

A bummer indeed watching ferrari take a 1 & 2 podium finish - and I was very, very cross with Alonso for doing what he did to his team mate Hamilton. Bloody prick couldn't even come up with a decent answer on "why he did what he did" during the starting of the race when he was interviewed during the post-race PC. Shmuck. Heard Alonso leaving for Renault next season...hmmm...

Anyway, during the party and while sneaking inside to catch the race, I met a very pretty girl who was clad in a pink adidas pinafore - her name; also like the birthday girl, Maya. So I asked her daddy if I could take a picture with her. He said, " you can try...but she is camera-shy"

When I asked Maya who was in my tummy, she said "a baby girl!

True to his word, she refused to take a proper picture with me, so we had to curi-curi take her picture. Ain't she sweet?

As the night went by, when drinks were "served" on white cotton skirts and beige linen, when talks of Divorce and exes came in, I decided to call it a night - also, I needed to complete the spring cleaning of my room and sigh... logon to my facebook. (POKER!)

And speaking of facebook, I was reading a rather interesting article by Tengku Zafrul Aziz in the New Sunday Times (page 22) today. A fish, an alien or a cup of coffee anyone? was the title, and I must say, his direct, humorous approach to this latest fad(?) is an honest to goodness-refreshingly true-read!

I have recruited Isobel's father to Facebook and although his enthusiastic interest is more for online poker with virtual money, than utilizing it as a "social utility that connects you with the people around you" sort of thing, I find his enthusiasm a sadistic contentment cause
a) I have converted a "What's all this friendster, facebook, blogging nonsense?" to a " may I use the laptop first? I wanna see who sent me fishes in my aquarium" and
2) while he plays poker online via Facebook upstairs, I am left alone to do what I please, which includes throwing away some of his old magazines ( please don't throw..i wanna keep) and of course, facebook-ing.

Anyway, after coming home from Linda's place, I went to remove my makeup, kept my McLaren cap back in its shrine, took a hot shower, rubbed cocoa butter on my protruding belly and went to get some knickers to wear. Because I cleaned out my closet (apparently, during the 3rd trimester of the pregnancy, a mother to be starts cleaning out cabinets and closets --and this notion is called the "nesting instinct") I found a measurement tape in my knickers drawer and started to measure my naked (pregnant) body.



Since that was really depressing, I started to measure tinier assets of my body.

Today, I learnt that:

my nose length (count from where the inner eyebrows meet) is 2"
its width is 2.2"

my ears length is also 2.2"
neck is 12", eyes 1.2"(width) and lips, 2"
(but if I smile, it can measure nearly 3"!

I told my sister Michelle-ann my amazement on how my prominent facial (do you call them) organs? are of 2.65" average and she told me that the more symmetrical your face is, the better looking you are!

That put a smile on my face.

And now I am going to facebook that fact. public service announcement:



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The red ball, represented in Right to Play's logo, is the organization's symbol and a symbol of humanitarian potential of sport to promote health, development and peace.

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  1. yo mommy! why worry bout symmetrical or not? u're already so pretty :p