Monday, September 17, 2007

DeGem and I

This picture was taken a few weeks back, and Tai of DeGem was kind enough to send it to me. Here I am with Laura Chow, who has years of experience in the diamond industry. A lovely, serene character and very down to earth.

I could choose to blog about more significant , current affair topics like the recent (repetitive) complaint by the A-G in regards to the mismanagement of taxpayers money(YES! That means you and I!) by our leaders.
I could choose to bitch about the lack of 'real' force and action in making sure SOMETHING REALLY is done this time around, and not just swept under the rug as usual(that rug is going to have a funny bump in the end anyway).

I wish I could tell PakLah to be a bit more firmer. To be less diplomatic. To put his Penangite foot down (firmer) once and for all and get really, really angry. Shake and not stir these idiots.
unless of course, you...

I could choose to gripe about how our local music and film industry is sadly pathetic and not getting the recognition they deserve.
Corruption is everywhere.
I saw a young mother telling her son to keep quiet at the store and he 'demanded' for a 5 ringgit note to stop crying.
Sigh...its starting young nowadays.

I could nag about how hip hop rap has made these young chaps hanging at the mamak stall wear ridiculous (thick cotton hooded) outfits in our country's sweltering hot weather.
Or how short and insanely sheer some ladies dress at night. They even have CFM boots on. The ones that go right up to their thighs. The kilat2 type.
(or they could be late for a podium show)

I could tell you my distaste in these beggers (especially in Bangsar Telawi and Uptown Damansara) who pretend to be blind selling tissues and mini calenders; and you are compelled to give them money "just in case they are really buta". Being pregnant makes you even more gullible and empathic. But still I get irritated. Saw one chap 'buka his buta eye' once, so I've been very careful ever since.

Or those drunken looking guys who does a little bit of waving around with their hands and demands a 2 ringgit payment for 'helping you park your car at THEIR parking area' when it quite obvious they have no friggin' right to do what they do -but you pay up anyway, cause you don't want your car, be it a kancil or an CLK to get scratched.

No. I have decided I will not blog about all of that. I want to post a pretty picture of Laura and I in a jewellery show.

Something less controversial and fun instead.



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  1. Nice fun blog.

    most importantly is not what we choose to write about but what we choose to do / how we contribute in the work we do and day-to-day life..this is a good book 'The Purpose-Driven Life' by Rick Warren.

    Asking questions is a start
    : ).....LE