Monday, September 24, 2007


Don't you just hate it when you have poured your heart and soul into an article and it just takes one unforgivable act of stupidity - NOT saving the damn thing!

So, it just disappears into cyber space, never to be found again as you curse endlessly and scream at the dog who sits loyally by your foot waiting for a pat on the head and some left over crumbs.


Now I am really angry with myself.

That article was supposed to be submitted to a new magazine I've been asked to contribute for.

And you know how you can't re-write a whole article. Its just not the same. You can edit it, but you can't write the same damn article with the initial groove and emotions put into it. Ask any writer, be it a professional or a 'wanna be' like me. F**k.

If this is pregnancy nyanyok-ness at its best, it had better go away fast. Cause although I weigh 60kgs now and I can't reach down to tie my shoelaces or cut my toenails, I swear , I can still kick bootie!

So 'Mr Nyanyok', you had better take your concubines, Miss Amnesia, Miss Short-term memory loss and Miss Absent-mindness with you and hide your sorry selves behind a large oak tree.

You may think its funny when you see me walking around showing my granny panties to the world after I exit the ladies room.

You might laugh at me when I stare endlessly into space wondering where I put my handphone till someone points out its clutched tightly in my right hand.

Yes, I am sure you are just peeing in your pants when you see me swerve into a petrol station and drive away with an empty tank.

But this is NOT a joking matter. I really liked that article Mr Nyanyok.
I thought it was an interesting read, had spunk, attitude and charisma. I thought that would be my stepping stone to write for a bigger publication. But you had to ruin things for me.

Well, this Kadazan lass is very angry and she has a very active baby churning inside her that supports her mama's every decision. So, don't come messing around her mind anymore. SHE means business and she won't have you - or your 3 vices destroy her.

Here's a picture of my dog who will bite you should you dare cross my path again.

Oh ya. I forgot. He's mad at me for screaming at him. Damn you Nyanyoks. DAMN YOU!


  1. gucci is sooo adorable!

    good luck in getting back the mood for writing eh. haha. LMAO

  2. u nie..marah marah pun still lucu..very funny woman. hehe

  3. Cute little dog? atau pun cuma cotton dibalut kain yang berbulu. cheers 3 10

  4. Awww..such a cutie! Lucky little pup!!

    Take it easy Pon, nyanyok-ness is a norm at this time..I too feel that my brain has shrunk..and I am not happy about it either..

    What to do..the 'joy' of pregnancy huh? :-D


  5. cute dog la....hiding inside de luggage some more.
    sabar la...marah2 cannot get you anywhere will get your inspiration back to pen another new article...hehehe

  6. hello, is your pup a poodle?

    because i have a miniature poodle myself and so far, all the other poodles i've seen are ugly! except for yours who is almost as cute as mine! :P they look alike too!

    you can check her out here:

    i'm really really curious as to what breed your puppy is. i'm even thinking, they could be brothers and sisters! when is his birthday? omg im so excited.

  7. cute little puppy...

    and why he's hiding inside the luggage??

    aiyah...biasala bah itu...kadang-kadang ada time nyanyuk ...wakaka...

    jangan marah2 down... :)

  8. forgetfulness is just the beginning...wait till you have your lil one demanding your every attention..that is the real...nyanyokness....u can't even remember whether u've had your teeth cleaned or not...hihi

  9. cute puppy...
    hmm good luck for the next mood to write..and take care u and the baby..

    keep writing..('',)

  10. I like it when you swear... such a contrast. Just don't swear in my direction.

  11. Yaih... such a cute Gucci-Gucci. Well Daph even that you r pregnant but u still gud looking....In kadazan word obuli poh vagu.

  12. Oh yes! As a writer myself, I can't bloody hell rewrite what I have written at the first place with the same passion and excitement.