Saturday, September 29, 2007

adidas @ zouk KL

party people in the house!


Jessica Lim, Brand Manager adidas (M) sdn bhd giving mummy a big hug!
isobel doesn't seem to mind the loud music

I inspire to look like her after I pop.

Christien asked all of us to look 'garang' for this shot. The MD fails.

Jess, Christien, Lavin, Mum, Darren, Adrian

Fashion cum dance show
Christien told me they are the contestants from the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE show

At 'my' VIP cubicle. Only way to hide that bump.

With Sert & Hansen
I feel like a midget here


  1. wah, stylo oh! Topi macam Hannah T some more...

  2. my goodness. did you actually go there with isobel?!

    lol...where did classical music and babies go?

  3. wow you rock!! wow...i love ur energy
    take care

  4. So dat's wat Zouk looks like....i thot those who go in there need to wear coat and lounge suit...