Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Shown here is little Bethan with her infectious, sunny smile! And I TOTALLY feel her warmth!

Three reasons why I feel so 'Yay-ish' today;

1. EPL IS BACK! (YAY!) Man United fans -- awww.... Poor Roo... (ha ha- Nelson (from THE SIMPSONS) laugh)
2. I am on a much needed one week break --- decided to fly to Bangkok for some retail therapy. (Yay!)
3. Cause I feel so blessed and thankful with so much love surrounding me! (Double Yay!)

I weigh 5 kilos extra now, my face has bloated, I have flatulence problems( quite often on the set) and the legs are swelling. I've got a killer backache and I cant fit into my La Senza knickers anymore - but I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that she is still alive - kicking healthily and keeping me company when the silence elopes me.

And just when I think God is too kind - he sends me another reason to smile. YOU. Yes YOU.

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