Tuesday, August 14, 2007

why family is important

Daddy had 3 servings of icecream. Kondoot.

James Ray asks "How can you ever expect anyone else to enjoy your company if you don't enjoy your own company? Do you really treat yourself the way you want other people to treat you?"

Well...the Iking's have a knack of making me feel so appreciated,loved and blessed without losing sight of my roots.

THAT's why family to me is important.


  1. yea..family is indeed very important.fundamentals of everything.

    ur sis looks very pretty la..how old is she now? maintain oo

    ur bros gud looking oso ..hehe ;p

  2. u looked so glam in the sony vaio shot! fuyoh.......

  3. yeah. family's the best!
    n btw i've just voted for the name for ur baby girl! daniella isobel iking-chong sounds superb! :D

  4. Agreed..family is important..btw..i vote for daniella..cun seh that name..

  5. hey sweetie...errmm yup am see that family are really important.. surround with yr superb hot gorgeous family is really nice erk :p well if u in case expect 'senapang' why not just straight put Daniel or Danial Iking Chong...or otherwise u can put as it cross a sec in yr mind Daph....hehehhe

  6. Kondoot? Gondoot? .. bukan Godoot meh? kekeke.. neway.. can't wait to c the pics of ya new born.. once branak.. capat2 kio upload .. btw.. me one of ya fan.. always chk out on ur blogs.. cheers ;-)