Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is Tasya

This is one of the contestants from MyStarz LG. Her name is Tasya and she is 20 years old. Mistaken often for a rugged 14 year old boy, Tasya has amazing talent and so much attitude in her style of singing. Before you think I am 'lobbying' votes for her, the reason why I have posted our picture together is cause a) this is the nicest makeup I have seen on this tomboyish lass and b) she said something very 'disturbing' while we were in the midst of recording.

You see, I have always wanted a baby girl as my firstborn. It has something to do with my childhood - firstly, cause Michelle, my older sis, always took care of us younger siblings, so I hope my first born will also be like Michelle. Girls seem to be more responsible.

Secondly, I had no real doll to play with when I was a child. My father would make towel-dolls (towels that were rolled and tied to be like a *pathetic* rag doll) -- I did not have the luxury of owning barbie dolls that I could play dress up... we had books for playtime -- or my brother's old, battered transformers toy. So, although I have no regrets or resentment towards my childhood, I sometimes wished I had my very own Cabbage Patch Doll to play dress up with and to 'nurse' back then. Sometimes.

When I went for my monthly checkup on my my 17th week, my doctor told me I was expecting a boy. Happy that the child looked normal from the scan, I was, however, slightly dissappointed. Just a faint hint of "hmmm" came on my otherwise happy face. Of course, the news delighted my in-laws and the rest of my pals who were coming up with their own theory on the sex of my unborn child.

So when I went for my recent scan and was told that the baby was a girl -- I cried....! (ok..first I cried cause they took my blood for the dreaded test, then I cried when I found out it was a baby girl)

So of course I smsed my close family members and most trusted friends!

"Im having an Isobelle!"

Went joyously for the MyStarz rehearsals and told the crew and some of the contestants and their respective partners about the good news too...

"Eh? kata laki?"

"I know..but doctor told me baby girl"

"tapi...your tummy bulge tajam...membujur...macam baby boy je.."

*defensively* "No...look here (pointing to my love handles)...ada tambah gemuk sini juga la..."

"I know...kalau you angkat anak orang lain...baby lelaki..and dia nak you...maksudnya..you are carrying a baby girl"

*I pick up some random baby boy who starts crying*

"tengok..dia nangis..that means you are carrying a boy la..."

*naive daphne starts panicking*

Almost in a grumpy mood, I start calming myself down.

"as long as the baby is healthy, I tak kisah lah" (yea right)

Tasya observes from afar.

"Eh..careful what you wish for....my mother really wanted a boy...see what happened to me?"


"yeah..but you're cool tasya...if my anak like you...can sing and have such a funky attitude -- BEST!"

18 more weeks to go

Isobelle is growing by leaps and bounds now.
And I hate my waddle.


  1. congrats on the news! i guess us first borns (who are girls) are a tad responsible...heheh...

  2. you're really funny la kak daphne. yeah, go isobelle! :)

  3. I chanced upon your blog and here's to you:

    Don't think too much about what Tasya has to say. The latest scan did say it was a girl so I'm sure it's a girl :) And she has a very nice name.

    Take Care!

  4. that is so bullshit.

    Anyway, if the girl looks like you... habislah.

    You'll have to start screening her male friends.

  5. Hi..My colleague has 3 son.When she was expecting her 3rd one,she really hope for girl.And now eventho the baby turned out to be a boy, he's the most easy kid to be taken care of.Plus he's the most sensitive abt his mother's feeling.Another plus he's the one with the sweetest smile.And so i told my colleague, maybe it doesn't have to be a girl to have a girl's charm.Too bad he just can't be dressed in pink! What u've just said to 'em is right, as long as u'r baby is Healthy.So,Take care..

  6. don't bother much about it and enjoy your pregnancy.you will have what your heart desire

  7. regardless daphne, u'll be a fantastic mom and he or she will be the luckiest person walking on this planet.

  8. daphne, listen to jason mraz. im sure you will like all of his songs :)

  9. so, if it comes out a boy, do you have name for him?? like me, seriously i tot my bump was a girl! and only have girl names ready..sampai lah he came out.. beautiful baby boy..