Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunday Drive

After mass, we smsed friends to come join us for brunch at LaBod's.

Started out catching up on things...then we started talking about cars.

Then we all made a spontaneous trip to the Mistubishi showroom to see the new Lancer.

4 very gungho people went for the testdrive around Bangsar while my partner and I took (amused) pictures from behind.
They seemed quite keen- but I know one person getting the flaming hot red one soon:

The (handsome but irritating) niamah in blue
Naz & Sheahnee are my colleagues in ntv7 and they were part of my bridal party
Pre-Raya shoot

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  1. huhuhu nice new lancer..but not so hot as Evo version...errrmm plan to take one Daph? :p well am guess Naz is the perfect match for u as yr co-host..his awesome..Sheahnee huhu she's really hot babe..luv to see her killer eye's