Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru Erin & Reikal

Went to Senawang for Erin's wedding... can't believe this squeaky-voice lass has finally gotten married! Adik to our friend Anis, host for Kelab Disney on TV3... she's still like a baby sis to us all! And now Erin has tied the knot.


Goofing around
Naz, Sheanz and I having some Negeri 9 food
(Naz looks like a mat rock during raya. Or a kid who was dropped numerous times during infanthood. Sheahnee Lee on the other hand is the epitome of demure, sweet classy beauty. I look pregnant.)

I still don't understand why guests are given telor(s).
Can someone kindly explain cause I don't believe Naz's explaination. TQ.


  1. i thought you said u want nasi tomato???!!

  2. i changed my mind...i want briyani now. and please remember the cake. whoever gets married.

  3. telor means fertility. so giving telur is like..err something to do with the hope that the newlyweds will be..err fertile?or something like that

  4. Egg is like a luxurious item masa zaman dulu2. So all the wedding guests will be given an egg each - decorated nicely.

    Also, like chics said, egg represents fertility. It's like the wedding guests will pray for the newly-weds to have as many children as they could and live happily ever after.

    P/S: Just curious about Naz's explanation. ;)

  5. Agreed wit all the answers above..btw..what's Naz'z explanation?

  6. his explaination has something to do with (should) the guests tak cukup makan (kenyang) - can eat the telur.


  7. haha Naz's explanation is so funny! can be true also...logik kan? tak sangka kak erin dah kawin...!

  8. the telor is a sign of fertility.. a wish that the couple will be blessed with children.

    Well, at least that's wat my mom told me.