Thursday, August 30, 2007


Antara beberapa simpton yang dialami oleh mereka yang sudah bunting lebih 4 bulan...err... mengandung lebih 4 bulan...adalah seperti penat, sakit belakang, mempunyai kesesakan bernafas, tidak boleh berak dan asyik kentut.

Okay. Perhaps I should blog in English. Sounds less crude.

Another con of pregnancy is you tend to forget things.

(see, I JUST went to the toilet to get my pregnancy book - I have a mini library in my toilet due to my constipation problems I have been having lately due to my prenatal state - and wanted to write the reason why pregnant women are nyanyok (forgetful);instead I went to pee and came back empty-handed! Geez...)

According to the 3rd Edition of "What to expect when you're expecting" by Murkoff, Eisenberg & Hathaway; Forgetfulness during pregnancy is only temporary. Even women who pride themselves on their organizational skills, their capacity to deal with complicated issues and their ability to maintain their composure suddenly find themselves forgetting appointments, having trouble concentrating and losing their cool.

I raise my hands in agreement to this.

On the breakfast show alone, my co-hosts have repeatedly saved my (fat) ass cause I tend to zone out a lot these days.

This morning made me worried though.

I decided to come to work today with my Hackett polo shirt, adidas sneakers and mirco mini cotton skirt (to add funk and 'hiau-ness' to my look)
* hiau=gatal=almost sluttish*

After the show, I went to flush out my toxins and did the habitual thing.
Pull down (granny) panties
Spray water
Wipe with tissue
Panties back on
Close toilet seat (so you don't inhale the germs while it gets flushed)
Get out of loo
Wash hands and dry

The thing is, I was wearing a skirt.

I forgot to pull down my skirt. So I was walking around confidently with my granny panties proudly displaying its sorry self to the serious, hardworking (ehem) newsdesk of ntv7.

Now, despite being granny panties, they are pretty nude ones that are super thin (to give the illlusion of wearing no undies- can't fit into my g-strings anymore.Pain) So, THANK GOD for the chilly aircon that made me react quickly to my shameless display of non-Victoria Secret "lingerie".

"Oh Fcuk-A-Lingham!"

As I smile TOTALLY embarrased to the unfortunate souls who saw my wobbly bits while pulling my skirt down, I mutter a short explaination.

"Sorry...nyanyok. Its cause of my pregnancy"
(as I point to Isobel who gives me a whooshing somersault)

I have those funky Post it Pop-up notes now. Just to remind myself. Really.

How sad.


  1. hahaha..that's funny! well, it happens to me a lot too...being pregnant, makes you lose your mind!

  2. Wah! Finally, I found Daphne's blog *fainted*

    Daph, I'm your fan since you won the Unduk Ngadau :-) Proud of you!
    I link your blog ya...

  3. I think being nyanyok during pregnancy is comel....and being pregnant is SUPER comel!!

  4. cute are still very much sane (not nyanyuk, i dont think!) hehe...

  5. Wahahahahahhahaahahaahah!!!

    *ketawa sampai tergolek babi*

    You crazy woman! You're one of the few with enough balls to post such a hilarious incident up :D

    And that's what we all love about you :)


  6. OMG daph .. i salute ur 'tidak-apa-ness'.. or rather how open minded u r to everything .. all d best in everything u do ! take care !

  7. I salute your honesty! Not everyone can be so nonchalant about the whole thing.

    If it were to happen to me, I'd hide in a corner and refuse to come out.

    Cheers to you, Daphne!

  8. Hi Daphne. Sy dah jadi pengikut blog U since...emh..emh..bila ye? Lama dah. Blog U = must read lah.

    Hehehe..posting ni kelakarlah. Pasal berak, kentut, nyanyok and pregnant..teringat 2 years ago masa sy pregnant. Sebijik mcm ni..hehehe. Tak sabar nak tgk Isobel..

    Love U Daph.

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