Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My back is a btich today!

Here is the latest ultrasound picture of baby isobel. Taken yesterday, we saw her yawn. Can you see her face? She's sleeping. Weighing less than 800gm, doc tells me she's probably going to be a tiny baby..which means an easy birth should I go for natural delivery ( I have been contemplating on Ceasarean lately thanks to the Johnson&Johnson Mother and Baby Care Book I have been reading-- saw some gory pictures of the mum giving birth naturally. My pain threshold is below minimum....so.....sigh)

Speaking of pain, my backache is getting from bad to worst!
Yesterday, I went to a particular massage parlor that specially caters to prenatal or expecting mothers. Sadly, I didn't sign up for their package, despite its massage being above average due to my annoyance with its receptionist/salesgirl.

I cringed as she approached me with a VERY LOUD voice.

*for heavens sake lady, I'm supposed to walk into a holistic spa environment*

Then, mistake number two. She practically 'throws' the pamphlets to where I was seated.

*I then give her the benefit of doubt. Not everyone was born with finesse*

She then explains rather 'choloh-ly' (in her VERY LOUD voice) why I should take a package today

*Can I TRY the treatment BEFORE I sign up?*

I breathed a sigh of relief (almost too prominently) when my masseur tells us that my room is ready.

As the masseur massages my dull aches away, I almost forget about that ChinkyLoudVoiceWoman ...that's right.


I hear her voice from my room (and I was at the far end of the spa!)

"Wei...lu ambil itu towel simpan baik-baik punya tau! Itu macam...HAIYA!!! INI pun tak tau kah?Manyak susah.Gip to me la!"

*I try to relax. I fail*

I get out of the spa and even before I could sip my drink, she attacks me with a questionnaire to fill up. With watchful eyes, she makes me feel very, very uncomfortable.

"So...how you tink our treatment ah? You tick tick lah. Excerant, Gud..or bad or whatever lah"

I ticked GOOD.

She looks unimpressed that I didn't tick Exerant (Excellant)

"So how ah...wanna sign up or what?"

*and have you make me feel annoyed all the time? Hell no"

"I will let you know tomorrow? let me pay for this first"

She throws her namecard to me.

*That's IT! She IS rude!*

"you let me know lah hoh but I am very very sorry if I cannot give you the same special promotion like today...I tink hoh, you should take the package today"

*THAT annoyed me even more. It was then that I decided it was going to be the last time I go to that establishment. And what a waste, cause I really liked the massage. So remember peeps, all it takes is an irritating front desk person to spoil the image of a company.*


  1. Hi Pon, If u cant stand the pain, then u should opt for natural birth. Cos the pain from surgery is far more torturous than having to withstand a couple of hours of labor pain + birthing. U also heal quickly if u do it naturally. Don't worry bout baby being petite inside, what's important is she develops as accordingly once out. All the best.

  2. Hi! I do agree with Tracie. It's much bearable if u go natural birth. best wishes

  3. Hi, for your back pain, i suggest u to go for a acupunture.. there's a lot of cases that the back pain can be cured.