Tuesday, August 14, 2007

JalanJalan only and tahu makan

This was taken during a recording of Jalan Jalan Cari Makan with its host, Maria Tunku Sabri.
Notice that my hands are far away from the food preparation?

Yes. I am a pro in cleaning, but a hopeless cook.

But there is one dish I enjoy cooking


1 packet of Maggi Mee Asam Laksa flavor
1 egg
chopped luncheon meat/lapchiong


Boil water.
Put maggi instant noodle and leave to cook till the noodles just ngam-ngam soft. Too soft not nice.
Add egg and kacau.
Add luncheon meat/lapchiong.
Add sayur.
Drain water.
Pour all into bowl and add freshly boiled water (not too much water)**
Add the packet ingredients into the bowl and gaul.

Makan while hot with chopstick and sudu cina.
Slurp if you must.


**the orang tua say, kalau makan too much instant noodles, nanti gugur rambut. So, to reduce this (the amount of msg found in the noodles), we drain the water used to boil the mee and drink freshly boiled one...kononlah**


  1. masak mee maggie jer? hahaha...
    nvm.. always can tapau what.

  2. but then, the msg is in the flavouring packet...