Tuesday, August 28, 2007

if i were a rich girl....

Gwen Stefani's concert was a blast! No regrets with the que and although we didn't manage to get the seats we were aiming for, we had a lovely time anyway. Plus we were near the exit so easier for mommy to peepee! More than 9,000 people turned up for the event and I'm sure Hotlink must have been very happy with the turnout! She dressed "too decently" much to our amusement but her preformance was great from start till end! Her malay speaking attempt(s) brought the crowd cheering; and the fact that her (mother?)in law is a Malaysian definately got the crowd's approval.
Didn't quite fancy the corset with her white tank top, but she has an amazing bod. Told the rest that after I bersalin, I want a body like hers.
Of course The Breakfast Show was there to cover the event. Intan and Sheila were so (embarrasingly) loud. Shy lah...
And here's to Gwen! Intan, Pon, Jessica (adidas) & Sheiluts.
We love you Gwen!
(*hmm..what if i name isobel, GWEN? Isobel Gwendoline Iking-Chong?)


  1. you look great...i wanna have your body even before i'm pregnants. you rock

  2. Ishhhh..Gwendoline? Sounds like gondola+dumpling....