Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dreams and nightmares

This morphing video of a cute adorable MJ to a scary looking one makes me ponder, how much have I changed since then?

I have mixed feelings since I found out about the incident. Close ones silently pray for my wisdom and strength, some bite the bullet when I tell them the path I have chosen and others have turned their backs against me.

So what has changed?

The nights are no longer empty?

To be honest, it never was, even before you told me. She kept me company all this while. But it does help when someone is there to give me a back rub or to refill my water in my tupperware.

I have been getting odd dreams of late though. Some strange funny ones. Mostly sad ones.

I've been sleeping a lot too lately, so the dreams come often. I haven't been sleeping well because of the back, but when I do, I always have dreams - remnants of what if or what had happened.

My grandaunt once told me that dreams usually means the opposite. So it is bad luck to dream of a happy baby as it indicates death.

So, if you dream yourself living in a lousy flat and another person gets a beautiful penthouse, what does that mean?

And if you being separated from the love of your life, does it mean you will be together forever in the end?

And what if the nightmares come and seek you even after waking up? When the vision constantly haunts you and no matter how hard you try to shake that image away, it keeps coming back?

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