Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Siti Norhaida @ Ida
She is (one of) my bestpals. Ida and I knew each other since Uni. How she has changed amazes me! And though we hardly have time to catch up as frequent as we should, our friendship has not gone awry despite some hiccups along the way. So was she my maid of honor during my wedding?No. But she was my witness during the registration. Which leads me to this question.

They say that your bestfriend should be the maid of honor. I have so many close pals, so it was a difficult choice to make initially, but after a long discussion with my (then) boyfriend, I decided that Sheahnee should be given the 'task' of being my maid of honor. She told me that I am to return the favor when she gets married. I agreed of course. Till I realized the actual responsibilities of being the pengapit.

Now before I get my toes chopped off by Sheahnee or her boyfriend (although personally, I think Sheanz will do a better job mutilating my digits --) they are NOT getting married soon. So please take this blog entry as a mere "what if"..."lets say..." using Sheahnee as as an example. Jangan pula masuk some gossip forum.

Anyways...as I was saying...we should becareful when we promise something to someone. Sometimes, we say things without really thinking. So, I must apologize to Sheanz if she thinks I'm going to return her favor (she was a fabulous maid of honor -- from planning my hen party to keeping me sane in Bali and the aftermath of marriage, pregnancy and ...incidents) with full force and likelihood of what she has done for me.

I will try but I shall be honest. IF lah...you marry some Melayu dude, please don't make me do the kipas kipas thing. Being the lazy fart that I am, I know I will opt for an electrical fan to do the job of keeping you cool. And I'll probably be dabbing on my nose more than you. And I'll probably scare those who renjis-renjis you with my...er ...wind problems?! Can I just usher people in and show them where to get their nasi briyani? Or be your entertainment act? (I do a fantastic running man if you don't already know)

Come to think of it, should Ida, Sharon, Chern, Claire, Sheanz and Mui kahwin -- I Promise, with all my heart, that I will come decently dressed, be your hen party organizer, do the running man for free (okay, i'll sing ONE country song too) and I promise I'll drink loads of prune juice to prevent nasty smells during your happy occasion.

I promise.


  1. OMG pon you made me ROTFL my ass off!

    ok, IF-LAH I kahwin some pseudo-melayu dude, you can organise my henparty (although the electric fan idea is KOOL! modern what!)

    thou shalt NOT sing.

    running man hmm... can... but it would be bad example for the little ones.

    we don't mind if you pass wind, just aim it the opposite direction of the electric fan.

    and again, i thought you want nasi TOMATO, not BRIYANI!


  2. Only ONE country song ah? ;)