Monday, July 23, 2007

We are Family!

Its been a hectic, roller coaster 2 weeks- and after much persuasion from loved ones, I decided to take a flight back home to spend some quality time with The Ikings. Granpa Iking has not seen my growing bump, and it would be good to eat some authentic kadazan-kampung food. Boboy came to fetch me from the airport and he told me that mum spent the weekend cleaning up the house- knowing my anal-ness in cleanliness! I learnt that mum has (yet again) adopted a stray cat that just delivered a few weeks ago (?), so the smell of cat piss is worrying her; for my sake. Amazing fact: (stray) pet dogs, Tuyu (who has to get more injections cause he is losing his fur again) and vodka gets along well with MamaMiao (yes. that's her name)
After having my ngau chap, we headed to Donggongon to buy ikan and pick up Dem2 from school.
The early flight home was spent sleeping in a foetal position. The stewards noticed my pregnant bump, so because noone was sitting near me, they placed my one night Adidas bag besides me so I don't have to carry it up and down from the overhead luggage compartment. Bless them. They even buckled up good ole' Stella for safety reasons.
Someone else was also sleeping. Didn't feel your movements at all till I had 3 spoons of my beef ball soup.
Are you okay my love? Mummy's worried about you...move a bit more will you?
I suspect baby is finally resting after all that has happened in busy KL.

I was inspecting Damian@ Dem2's homework when he joined me at the back seat of Michelle's car.

"Yaiks Dem. You have a moustache."

"Ya..jadi kenapa lah" *defensive mode on*

" have nice handwriting"

"what ARE you doing? Give my book back" *so sibuk lah she*

"Hey look guys...Dem2's handwriting looks like Boboy's"

*the Iking children tormentation starts in full swing*

Meeting mum and dad over dinner.

Weird how I used to be soooo afraid of that man giving that cheesy smile.

How he has toned down.

Or perhaps I'm no longer his baby girl anymore.

Boboy cuts his own hair. Not that hard since he has a mop of EXTREMELY curly even if he screws up, it just looks "grungy".

Ah...and the "little baby sister" with her older, wiser (but apparently younger looking) sister. What would I do without you kak?

Blood runs thicker than water. I am so glad I have a family like them. An eccentric, lovable bunch who retracts when I need space , yet never ceases to pray for my safety and sanity. Who loves me for what I am - fart, burps, hygiene anal-ness and all. Who have been there during the darkest and brightest time of my life.
Thank you.


  1. i'm the first one? coolness!! so u're back in sabah haa...well, use yr time there wisely...and i mean enjoy yr holiday! yipee!!! mummy and baby,take care and hv fun aite!

  2. Did you go to Lynn Danggai's wedding?

  3. Wah Dem Dem so besar already. The last time I saw him he was still in Kindy i think! Hah. I feel old now

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  5. Nice, seeing all of you again. It reminds me of old time.

    And yes, the last time I saw Dem2 was like ages ago.

    Anyway, congrats for being a mummy.

    Send my regards to Lombigan.


    ** **

  6. yar lor..your kakak looks younger than u.Ahaks..

  7. hahah. i bet damian would be freaked out when you post that picture of him semi-closing his eyes. but then again, being damian, i dont think he would really bother. ahha. anyway, he told me that you came here yesterday and will be going back today. whoa. hope you had a fun spending time with the family though. :)
    take care. ~jasmine

  8. hi all!

    Yes..its been a good 2 days spent with family and the stray pets mum keeps bringing home...

    Tirut...what a unique name.

    Sharon, no, couldn't make it in time for Bolintut's wedding..heard it was beautiful though

    Jasmine, heard some great stuff about your from both my siblings...wish you well in whatever you wish for! hugs!

    amee!! received the new pix of rykal with his costume...been soooo busy lately...will post it in the blog soon!

    Tracie? as in Terrence's sis? if so..hey you!

    Neen's: are the first..
    and abang adie...shaddap will ya?

    kisses galore. I should go and sleep.zzzz

  9. Yup Pon, Tracie as in Terrence's sis. Hope ur bub's all good.. too much amniotic fluid? Might just mean u have to drain, or have bub earler than expected. All the best.

  10. Pon,

    Your mum is awesome! She rocks man! She love animals just like moi! A good woman with a heart of gold :-)

    Angeline S Chin