Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pretty staplers

I have a fixation with stationary. Ask anyone who knows me well. ...Leave me in a stationary shop and I can browse for hours. Truly.
I especially like pretty stationary. Cute ones. Classical ones. Colourful ones. Depending on my mood, I'll have a different set just for a different occasion.
I learnt one thing though while casually browsing through the stationary shop at Bangsar 2 weeks ago.

Staplers are handy in binding pieces of paper together. They can also hurt you if used incorrectly. Nifty little buggers. Its how you handle them. I know of a friend who has a (recent) love and hate relationship with her stapler of 7 years. She calls it the 7th year itch. Laughing loudly -- she looks at me with concern in her eyes.
"You don't understand Pon. I need a new stapler"
"But this stapler has been with you since you were in highschool..."
"I know...but its time to say goodbye to this rusty stapler. I saw a really nice one the other day. And it comes in fushia pink too!"
It made me wonder. When is it time to discard the old and replace it with the new? How long should we remain faithful to an ageing piece of metal that has served you well over the years? And if that new stapler that you bought during new year still serves you well, will it be a betrayal if you buy one 4 months later, and keep it in the bedroom desk, although the one at the study is just a stone's throw away?
What do you think?


  1. Pon,

    I read in The Star a few weeks ago that staples cannot be recycled, but paper clips can =)

    Save the environment ya? =D

  2. wow... one single post dedicated to a stapler..

    You know what? Stapler reminds me of a movie- 28 days notice.. where Sandra Bulock had a fight over a stapler with her new replacement.. hahaha. Stapler fight! miaow...

  3. Pon..!

    lets go to Czip Lee.. very nice stationaries..!