Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Michael Learns to Rock

I don't care what NazrudinHabiburRahman says, MLTR ROCKS!!! Was singing and swaying to all the songs I was familiar with and quickly adopted to the newer songs. Thought I was crazy, found out their were more hardcore fans fanatically screaming all their songs! Whoever are karaoke freaks (and I am not talking about the dingy entertainment outlets that have special rooms for more 'privacy') -- will vouch on their popularity. One uncle I asked said he taught his grandson of 4 years old to learn all the songs prior to the gig! There are more pictures, but shy only.... give you the more 'subtle' ones....

The Breakfast show team covered the event. Me like.They like. Everyone like.
( don't know what you missed dude!)

I like this new song of theirs below. lyrical weight? Bah humbug!


The sun is almost down
and we are both enjoying the sound
of the ocean softly brushing against the land

We are sleeping you and me
with a smell of tulip tree
under the starry sky on a romantic balcony

But a pain inside my chest
wakes me up
The truth is slowly spreading on the
smokey battlefield
I am bleeding from my heart and I...
I feel so tired
I guess I have to rest for a while

High above this world
missing your love

I can see your face in tears
when you so far away from here
read the messages from the war:
"The battle took one more"
I wanna tell the nurse a secret
my lips won't move
Oh she really looks like you

High (nothing can touch us now)
above (no one to tell us how
this world (I am sorry for the soldiers)
missing your love (who are still alive in the war

Hey you
I wanna live
I don't wanna be a wounded soldier
don't wanna let your face grow older
Hey you
take me to the ocean
take me to the smell of tulip tree
to the romantic balcony


  1. I have to agree with Naz.. hehe

  2. this reminded of a song by mltr called 'paint my love'.
    it was a long long long time ago in secondary school, we were on the upper floor n there was a construction going on next to our building, the foreign construction workers played this song trying to impress the girls in another class n they were hanging on ropes that was hung from the upper floor down to the ground floor, swaying away...