Tuesday, July 17, 2007

if it makes you happy

Pregnancy makes you go on an emotional roller coaster ride -- but when things get tough, laughter is always the best medicine. Adibah has never failed to make me laugh. She is such a good hearted person and honest with herself. I am always so star strucked when around her.... Adibah Noor....you my woman!

Been out with fever and flu...heard its in the air. I know of 5 people down with the bug. Mummy in law spent whole night cooling my fever down. She is such a sweetheart. The night is lonely with only sounds of the pond water gushing down and everyone is asleep. Just completed some work on the pc and checked my roster that has just been updated. Ryan making oatmeal drink for me cause all I can take is liquid. Best I go to bed. The sore throat is just so painful. Hate being sick. Makes me feel so... inadequate. Like the bird outside my room who seemed to have a broken wing. Told Ryan to go and help the birdie. He said it was just drying its wings. Two different versions - but I believe him cause my vision was blurred due to the fever. Plus the duvet was just so so very comfortable.


  1. Hey Daphne!
    Try honey... The real-original-pure one. For sore throat all you need to do is just; mix it with lime together with a cup of warm water. And drink..

    Worth a try! Trust me, seriously. Well, honey is the best cure (or can i say it medicine?) for anything.. :-)


  2. Hi Pon! My kids is having the bug at the mo. Probably the weather in KK. I tried this remedy for my kids and I think it works perfectly. If you have difficulty to sleep at night, just apply Vicks on your sole and put on your socks after that. I hope you will get well soon. Another thing, I love Adibah Noor! She performed at the Cement Industries dinner at Magellan. I love her voice and her charisma. She never fail to make people laugh. I enjoyed her performance from the start til the end. If you see her again, please say hi to her. Take care Pon! Another thing, you have been tagged to describe 6 weird things about yourself. Just visit my blogsite at sharonboyd.blogspot.com.

  3. thanks guys...make sure you all take your healthy dosage of vitamin c and plenty of water!! feeling better but can't talk...and for someone who just LURVEssss talking-- THAT is torture!

    Honey is always the best solution....yup. and Adibah Noor? She still my favourite.

    hugs and kisses everyone!

  4. Welcome to motherhood and congrats on your pregnancy.

    Parenting is such a wonderful thing as experienced by us...

  5. Hi, Daphne. I am new here. I just visited your blog very interesting. And also I always watch you hosting the breakfast show, you make me feel entertaining. I just met your friend Hannah last friday, she ask me to send her regards to you. Take care, dear. Muah.

  6. I think it's the sick seasonlah now.. perhaps cause by the weather too.. I just got this "100 days cough" and still have 86 days to go..uhuk! uhuk!! uhukk!!

    So, take care love. and yes..drink lots lots of water and have a good rest. Say hi to the baby.. ;)

  7. get well soon daphne!...try something that can boost ur immune system la. had tried this before when i got flu before..really works..its called NUTRIFERON..http://www.shaklee2u.com.my/main.jsp?pageid=484746

  8. i'm going to marah mui for not telling me you were sick!

    by the time i wish u "Get well Soon" sure u dah well!

    miss you lots!!

    *much love*
    rykal's mommy!

  9. Get well soon, Pon! We were watching you on tv this mornin!

    and send a message to Adibah Noor - She's FANTASTIC! Love her!

  10. hope you are well! i just got well too...

  11. you look so glowing when you are pregnant

  12. agreed with that sweetblossom

  13. hey daph~

    heres wishing that you'll get well soon..take care gal!


  14. hi guys...am much better now..spending some quality time with the family in KK....i get to eat my ikan bosung goreng, bambangan and pakis! Yum! Yum!

  15. Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the club.

    Coincidently, I even opened a blog with the title rollercoaster :)...

    Guess, it's one of those things we'll have to get used to in these next 8 months....