Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love JaFleurs!

Aren't these pretty?

I first laid my eyes on her creation when I went out for a much needed "girly break". The next day, Mui told me about Yasliza's JaFleur. I immediately called her and asked to meet up the very next week. I "borong-ed" a few and got so much compliments wearing it, I decided to get them as party favors for my birthday celebration held a few weeks back at home.

To say the least, it was a hit!

These Handmade customized flower clips and bags are great for wedding orders, corporate orders - Liza also specializes in beach bags, beach sandals, brooches -- perfect for events such as prom nights, hen parties and birthday by the pool bashes!

Decently priced and lovely to wear, email Liza at if you want to have these in your collection! Or checkout the website at for more information!

*and no...I am not associated with the business. Just wanna share beautiful stuff with you beautiful people!*

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  1. pon..the clips are bewtiful..can u give me the full add of the shop?can't find it thru d web,thank's..take care..stay pretty,stay safe.