Tuesday, July 17, 2007

daddy comes home

So daddy comes home just in time for mummy's birthday celebration! Michelle and Mui made great party planners as they helped me with my pool-BBQ party last week. All I can say is, THANK YOU to the guests who came with lovely gifts, for taking time off to be with us on a beautiful night and to God for giving us such good weather. I slept early but I know the boys were playing poker till 630am! I must say, I learnt a lot over the weekend and when they say - you grow older yet wiser as each birthday passes, I will vouch for that with all my heart.

I've got an amazing support group and a lovely friend in Ryan. Here's to my 29 years of existence in this cruel, cruel world. Happy birthday Daphne. You are a mummy now.


  1. Happy Birthday Daphne! Yes, it is a cruel, cruel world..but don't ever forget the many positive things in your life. Take care always and hope everything goes well with your ickle baby.

  2. Happy birthday to You. God bless and protect both of you! 29 haha...so we were born in the same year!

  3. happy birthday to you daphne....
    god bless u n yr baby always
    take good care

  4. happy birthday..

    i find birthdays a bit overwhelming... always feel like the expectations get higher with every birthday...

    you're doing great. you look great, and I'm sure you always will..


  5. Hye hottie mummy,

    Happy Birthday to you..!!!
    Chaiyok Chaiyok

  6. thank you ...thank you....i'm almost hitting the big 3-0! Will have a smashing party next year for that...all will be invited... =)
    plus the little one will be about 7 months by then, so easier to jaga! I'm so excited....

    its great being older...i saw a wrinkle and tried to pull it back. sigh. but i also a laughing line.. that showed i was have more happy times than bad moments during my 29 years..and for that, I feel blessed.

    Amen to that.

    ps: sasha, so when is your birthday girl??

  7. Happy birthday daphne!it is a cruel world but there's always a positive ways to overcome it.

  8. Happy birthday Daphne...!!
    Take care..

  9. Hi ya Daphne,

    I read your blog from time to time, it's always fun to see how other people lead their lives. I didnt know your birthday is in July too. Same name and same birth month. Hmm.. What are the odds? Ha ha.

    So, happy 29th birthday. May the Lord keep you in the palm of His hands. May you be blessed with much love, peace, joy and success for the coming year.