Thursday, June 14, 2007


Since I have to give up horse riding, diving, paintball and watersports (for the time being), I fill up my leisure time reading, cleaning, playing with gucci, swimming, blogging and wii-ing!

No, not weeing as in peeing..

My PS2 is put to hibernate while I enjoy this white creature that smiles gleefully at me when I fail to swing the cow over the required 60m mark or play golf with the rest of the 'mii's' I have created. (Pon Mii looks so shagadalic!)

Yes. I am an athletic geek. I have resorted to playing sports via this hippy game console. And when noone but Gucci is looking, I even talk to her. She is sleek and slim and WHITE! My all time fave color!

My mother thinks I'm nuts. My husband finds it amusing. Its just Mii and my Wii.
Geddit techno geeks?
(snort and a half)


  1. Can I come play sometimes? OMG I LOVE the Wii :( But just too poor to get it!

    Send my love to Gucci.. Sniff I miss China~!

  2. Yes of course you can sweetie!!! Anything for Ms Pinkity!

    China is in good hands -- Wei Ling is currently her new mistress and I know that she'll take real good care of her.

    Gucci has survived his operation.

    He has no balls. Pun intended. Drugged and probably feeling less hornier, he recuperates at Gan/Annie's place.

    My life.

  3. wah...suddenly so nice this blog.U didn't do all these graphics did you ? hmmmm.. So jealous with you wii. Can we drop over for tea ? U and wifey can chit chat, I can have a go at your wii..pls pls .. can ? can ?

  4. contrary to popular belief, uncle adie....i DID do it by myself...that's why its so amateurish! ha ha ha...Pls drop by anytime dgn isterimu yang cantik dan sungguh sopan itu (hi Mrs Adie @ kak Farah)
    give me some pointers on being preggers...sigh...

  5. LOL! Poor Gucci-poo... Ball-less and still as active I hope... :D

    I like the lembu game also!! so cute and the mini games!!! I come chal-len you one day, dun play play ok!!!

    Miss you!!! Didn't you hear us (the whole magazine team) screaming ur name at the Adidas launch?


  6. AND OMG, you Warhol-led your website! Good job!