Wednesday, June 20, 2007

waddling down memory lane

New Kids On The Block

Remember when we said girl please don´t go
And how I´d be loving you forever
Taught you ´bout hanging tough
As long as you got the right stuff
Didn´t we girls, ooh, ooh
Didn´t we girls, aah, aah

Chorus: Well I guess it´s a brand new day after all Every time we hear the curtain call See the girls with the curls in the hair The buttons and the pins and the loud fanfares

Tonight, tonight
Remember when we traveled ´round the world
We met a lot of people and girls
Fan mail from everywhre
Showed us you care
Didn´t it girls, ooh, ooh
Didn´t it girls, aah, aah


Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

Sound good
Hey fellas let´s do it
Here we go
La la la la la la tonight

Baby, I believe in you

Baby, I believe in you
And every little thing you do
Every time we kiss
It always feels like this
I believe in you

Baby I believe in us
And every little inch of our trust
Whether I´m around you never let me down
I believe in you

Maybe I might sound crazy
For the way I feel about you
But you´re just so amazing
And I´m so in love, with you
I believe in you

Oh girl
There is something about you

Yes, those born from 1975 onwards, would know the New Kids on the Block (later NKOTB) - a successful boy band of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Assembled in Boston in 1984 by producer Maurice Starr, the members consisted of brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joe McIntryre (liked him the best....THEN!), Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood. The group went on to sell over 70 million albums worldwide, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in concert revenues, and paved the way for acts like Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.

Was listening to 'Tonight' today *Blush* and enjoyed it immensely!

Anyway, its hard to believe that once upon a brave time ago, I begged my father to buy me an NKOTB file for school. And look where I am now. No longer a brownie, no longer wearing a training bra (I remember being so excited when I got my first trainer bra) and no longer single and stick thin.

I waddle instead of walking in a straight line
I itch and scratch on my tummy at odd times of the day
I can't complete my non-stop 35 laps in the pool anymore. I was happy to complete 15 laps last night and then took a l-o-n-g break in the jacuzzi.

and I prefer staying at home taking pictures of my growing belly than playing poker with the boys.


  1. Your lovely lady lumps are so cute!!!!

  2. i think you look great...most women look nice and feminine when they're pregnant...with their motherly instinct growing, even better! my aunt's giving birth in a week's time and she's already complaining how she'd miss having her baby in her tummy...oh btw, hers is a girl :-)

    so have fun while you're at it! i think all mothers are greeaat

    best wishes...

  3. wow punya shexy you! I'm 19 weeks pregnant now and already feel like a giant elephant! How far gone are you Daphne?

  4. hhahah..last few weeks i baru je download all NKOTB songs..and it reminds me of my old good times..

    take care daphne..

  5. Dear Daphne,

    At the risk of sounding phoney, I am actually envious, dear. U still look great.

  6. hey there peeps!Thanks for your, I managed to do 20 laps in the pool. only because this morning (my off day!),I was staring at my orange dimpled arse and felt motivated to jump in the pool instead of just reading in bed and watching reruns of Will & Grace!

    That bloody NKOTB song still keeps running in my head....



  7. Congrats Daphne!

    I still remember my own NKOTB file and i still have em' at home :)

    Thank u for bringing the sweet memories back...

  8. I bet its gonna be a BOY. Trust me.. im a doctor.. hahahahah...

  9. mimzzy...many think its a boy...I will find out soon enough I guess...lets see who's right?

    NKOTB still rocks my world...MLTR is also coming to Genting. DON'T make fun of me. Going to catch it ...regardless of what.

    25 minutes too late....*la la la la*

  10. kacak gilak kitak preggy tok..heheh..i got yr pic with us when i joined M'sian Top host. You just very friendly and that is very lovely. i can send to you the pic if you want to keep it too just send me yr email if you want it ok..take care

  11. sexy nye..becare..takut org paste gmbo u kat mana2.hehe..

    anyway,jelesla tgk u pregnant but body tetap slim maaa