Monday, June 18, 2007

Till I hear from you

Its amazing how time flies. It just seems like 3 months ago, when I met these 2 friends in SBPL (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Labuan) -Syikin and Mimi. Below is a picture taken in Carabao, JB. Went there for a gig and managed to catch up with some of the most lovable friends I have the honor of knowing. The guy in red is Syikin's hubby - Simon Chan @ Aiman. A quiet character, just like his wife. Went in my comot self after a long day and was so glad to have left the hotel room to meet up with them.

As usual, I caused them to blush, cringe and gape in horror as I asked them questions of their well-being, while injecting "I'm actually a nice girl you know Aiman...please don't think I'm otherwise..." in between my mouthful(s) of pineapple fried rice and beehoon goreng (I was hungry).

I remember singing to Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" and "Head over feet" with Syikin - and I was the designated "messenger girl" to Mimi's "highschool crush", whom we code-named 'ikanbilis' -- hence her nickname 'ikanabilisina'! (Yup! The secret is out!). Come to think of it, we never actually had the guts to tell ikan bilis how Mimi felt about him. Hmm...wonder where he is now?

I remember doing an English project where Mimi, Syikin and I 'pretend ran' with the Olympics theme song. Thinking back, we were pretty crazy then. When I met up with them again, I realized just how much I missed them and as our conversation plodded on, I knew whatever the situation is or where we are - our friendship will remain special and unique. Intact. Stable.

And Yes! Syikin is to be a mother in just a matter of days! She too is expecting her first child. Hers is a baby boy! I asked her coyly if she still has sex with her husband.

Pon: opens the vagina your birth won't be too painful! That's what I read - lah!
Mimi: PON! That's
(I look at Aiman for an answer...he turns away shyly and continues rubbing ekin's belly)

Pon: Yea..well...its not like we're kids anymore! Come on! So????
Ekin: Well...
Mimi: PON! This is Carabao! See Ekin..we should of gone to that Thai know how persistent Pon is!
Pon: *Smile*
Ekin: *smiles back*
Aiman:*Smiles b-r-o-a-d-l-y*

Mimi: You guys are SICK!

And this is mummy with her 15 weeks tummy and the other one ready to pop! From comparing lecture notes to comparing tummy size. Now isn't THAT ironic?

ps: hey your son Sparticus.


  1. Hi Daphne,
    Many congrats on your pregnancy!! I am a big fan of yours and I really enjoy the Breakfast show with u and Naz in it. U guys are the best and always makes my day. Take care, u r such a sweetheart! Btw are u comin to Penang on the 30th? will go over if u r coming. Do let me know if u can.

  2. Hey there Hooi Li!
    Thank you! Thank you!
    Penang for the Urban Live Mall Tour right? Naz and I are trying to make it..we have the MyStarz live concert to host on Sunday so we are not sure if we are doing both the days in Penang. Anyway, please continue watching TBS...we have somemore exciting stuff happening !

    Take care and godbless!