Friday, June 22, 2007

pantang mantang

Reasons why I am so tired lately are:

a) I wii at night. Wii (nintendo) AND wee-wee (the 'side effects' of pregnancy). Lack of sleep.
b) I am in the midst of updating my website. KF...HELP!
c) I am 4 1/2 pounds heavier than before.
d) Since Gucci got his balls chopped off, he wants me to play catch with him more frequently
e) I have to observe so many pantang larangs during my pregnancy, it makes me constantly paranoid and worried.

Among the (MANY) pantang larangs that (everyONE) is telling me to do (or NOT do) is to not use the scissors. So, if I need to cut any articles, letters or even the tali on my bachang, I have to ask my inlaws, maids or friends to assist me. Yes. It sounds pretty ridiculous. Especially when I like my scissors. So my makeup artist trims my bulu kening, my mother in law helps with the interesting articles I like to keep and my maids help me in the kitchen.

Thank GOD I have IPL-ed my bulu at least its not like I'm going to be a jungle when I deliver her/him. However, just the other night, I was getting very annoyed with my fringe. Too late to go to A Cut Above and too early to just sleep in with a "screw that" attitude, so I decided to be creative and took a rusty nail cutter to trim my fringe.

A nail cutter is not a pair of scissors right? So, I'm 'safe'. But you'd think I'd have enough sense to use a sharp nail cutter right?


And because the results weren't that great to begin with, I decided to have the jagged look all over.

Wrong move.


  1. HI there Daphne? Alamak dah... dah, how to say, "muntah-muntah" bah jaga.... Ok enough intro there. Just want to inform u that you are now officially in the Sabahan Bloggers List. All courtesy of your friend the Kinky Jasmine.
    All the best and we support u. Patutlah jarang nampak di TV sudah. breakfast show... dah boring without u. oh well, life goes on.

    and my blog is at :)

  2. agree with papajoneh..last time i would come to the office late just to catch you on the breakfast show am always on time at the office...

    tiredness is normal during pregnancy...get loaaaaddddsss of resttt....

    sometimes when u get really HOT and annoyed during pregnancy,better chop off that hair of will make things simpler that way..dah la malaysia sangat least i did....hehehe...

    i'm sure you will look as good even with that CREATIVE fringe...till then..take care daphne...

  3. Agree with fina..i chop my hair during pregnancy..tak tahan panas laa..

    and i even gelak macam nak guling2 when i read ur post bout 'bulu bawah' worries daphne..if ever u terlupe / think that u had trim or what that thing..the nurse will trim it for you as they want it very clear/licin for the gynae to do their work..hahahhaha.. ( talked from experience.. :D )

  4. Hi Daphne, Melissa here. Congrats on the mini-Daphne/Ryan that's on the way! Great to see you doing so well

    I'll remember the bulu bawah anecdote when my time comes...

  5. Hey there peeps!!!

    Papaj; so I'm now an official Sabahan blogger according to the thingymajiggy eh? ha ha ha. I always knew the Borneo community stuck together, but THIS is something else! LOL

    Fina, I am still on the show, just not doing it EVERYDAY -- =) Have a new show now. MyStarz LG.

    Arin, to prevent a BAD haircut from the nurses,I'd rather get it all IPL-ed. Smoother and fuzz free. Geddit??Fuss free???(snort)

    Hi Melissa!Best not remember it when trying to balance a full cup of piping HOT coffee and newspapers.

    Love ya peeps!

  6. hi daphne..suka baca cacatan u..esp about pregnancy..actually,jgn terlampau percaya sgt pantang larang..masa i pregnant...tak de apapun terjadi if i cut my hair.jgn terlampau risau,tak bgus utk baby..u kena sentiasa ceria..supaya baby lahir cerdik n cergas!

    jgn lupa,senyum selalu!

  7. Tell me more about the bulu bawah and the IPL. I think I'm interested in trying the technique.