Of late

Of late, my blog has become very motherly - some 'friends' are complaining - saying they miss the 'snazzier Daphne'. But that's just what pregnancy does. It makes you less angry, more honest and *gasp* - more refined.

My profanity level has gone down tremendously, exchanging words of Puk's, Fcuks and Chi's to Dear Lord, Fish Nuggets and Ma-Chee...(just in time to stop the Bai's from coming out! And NO, this has nothing to with 'Happy Punjabis').

Here I was sitting down at BangsarVillageII enjoying my ginger beer (it gives the brain the illusion I'm drinking something naughty -- and yes, how pathetic) when I saw these cute kids playing in front of me. Took a quick shot of them, occasionally looking at their mothers for disapproval; saw none, so continued snapping away.

Staring at the little ones playing, I wonder how my little one will look like. I've done that picture morphing thingy with an ex of mine (the one where you take your photo and your partner's photo together and the machine will morph your pictures together so you can roughly see how your child will look like).

The pictures turned out rather scary so never did I try it again. RM10 somemore. Ma-Chee..

My mother in law believes looking at beautiful pictures of cute babies will assist in the looks department. No harm trying, so I have Amill Rykal (Amee's son) and Bethan Tsai-Ong (Wyomia's daughter) on my phone screensaver. I wanted Angelina Jolie and Jude Law, but then I thought of the morphed baby pictures and quickly changed my mind.

Wonder if baby will look more like

Great! Was supposed to go for my swim and its already 10:51pm.
The Breakfast Show tomorrow. Should get some sleep.


  1. Hiya Pon,

    I know exactly what you mean hehehe..In fact, we are in the same boat! It's great to know that you are prepared for motherhood soon :-) and dont worry, I am definitely sure that your little one is an attractive one :-) Take care of health k?

    Angeline S Chin

  2. If its a girl, I hope she has your ass and Ryan's height. Now that will make for a hot babe.

    If it's a son, everyone would be teasing that poor boy about his hot babe mother.

  3. congratulations!

  4. Hi Daphne,
    Havinga baby was the biggest life-changing for me, and no doubt, many people. Some people take it positively and some otherwise, glad to see that u r enjoying it. Do continue to cherish it as it is a very special experience!Btw, r u coming to Pg. tommorow. Looks unlikely but still looking forward to seeing u there.. Cheerios!

  5. Daph.. it is true your bestfriend Raja Endon Mastura move to Astro? what happen? congrat to you!

  6. Harloo Sis,
    just wana share my blog with you.
    its a woman health blog, and im a boy. is it weird?? ahahah
    anyway, have a nice all day..

    here my link:

  7. Hey Popon,

    I can see you are doing sooo fine... Congrats on your recent wedding and your baby coming soon. :)

    Never thought your big kembang hair can look sooo damn gorgeous now.. really jealous of it... hahaha

    keep laughing, loving and living

  8. Happy birthday daph..may god bless u and yr family..

  9. hey daphne....been a long time since i dropped at your blog...neways...can't wait to see your baby....CONFIRM CUTE ok....

    whatever it is, the baby will definitely bring out the best in you...

    good luckkk...and God Bless!

  10. hey daph, congrats to u and hubby on baby... can i suggest Afdlin as a possible name if baby is a boy and afdlina if it is a girl?!... can a nyonya. consider ok.


  11. dear afdlin...no darling, as much as I love you as a friend and admire your fantastic work, I simply cannot name my son afdlin or my daughter afdlina. But, I will allow them to watch your movies, appreciate your work and to call you the coolest uncle in the world...Deal?

  12. rachel M,

    My kembang hair is tamed down by artistic hairdressers, or by a firm brush and clever usage of head scarfs accentuated by gyspy earrings or a very cool adidas top!

    Luxen dearest, thank you for being my unofficial videographer for the day...hope you and your gal enjoyed the night party!!! looking forward to seeing the whole thing!
    (my ass has gone 2 inches bigger)


    From what I heard last, Mastura has left TV3 for greener pastures. She is now in Alwani news dept. Good for her.


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