Thursday, June 14, 2007

Naturel Living with Daphne & Michelle-Ann

Last week, michelle-ann and I invited the media to join me for a day of Naturel Living ! First up, I invited them home where I showed them my fave place to chill! Here's me pretending to croon to an old Elvis number. See the concentration?
"Don't mess with my blue suede shoes..."
Water water everywhere...taking a breather from my non stop talking.
Being a cancerian, water plays a huge role in my life!
Which reminds me, need to ask Dr Kamaljit if she has ever done a water birth before? hmmm...

I'm paired up with my kakak for our cooking class headed by the very bubbly Megawati @ Meg...a mummy/older sister to the both of us. The first time we met, we clicked immediately!
See darling? I AM learning how to be a better partner!

Michelle-Ann ever so demure even when her tired feet are throbbing...sigh...

Ahh...a look of content...ITS OVER! not that bad afterall!!!Feeling Perfectly Naturel!

Some perk me up detoxifying juices to get the system Juice Works, The Curve.

Eh...tak habis lagi? Making oatmeal & cinnamon muffins....

This one I can do....salad!

When daddy not around, he comforts me. Gucciboy. He is going for his operation to cut off his...thingy today. Poor lad. Always humping the chair.
(or Mui's leg)

A great way to end the day. A relaxing foot milk bath and a lovely head and shoulder massage right after.


  1. I probably one of your blog greatest fans! Amusing, real and grouch; maybe a little (mad) sometimes.

    Hey, do you really play good guitar? I found sabahans are (usually) when it is come to music! But looking at the picture, not really huh? (No offence pls) tell me i am wrong

  2. Hey Dalantau! I can strum a few least my fave songs! Enough to save the world - should I be the last person to save the world and I am required to sing 5 songs with only a guitar, I can be that superhero. Used to take drum lessons too...till i had to give up the drums after I found out I was preggers (please don't ask the relevance in this!)

    And the piano allows me to do the chopsticks once in awhile. ha ha ha!

  3. very good then....then you are truly sabahans that I know..haha..keep doing your best and keep the baby safe..(you know that i read your blog,,lol)..

    .and one thing, do you know that good looking parents usually have baby daughter? Don't know if this is true, just some study by oversea i read in a mag...

    btw, the new layout is more happening than the previous....

  4. heyy been admiring the breakfast show since u and naz hosted it....and congratulations on the make a beautiful hip and happening mom ever ok....

    take care and God Bless.....

  5. nazrudin rahman and I am also hosting MyStarz on TV3 and Ntv7! a new reality show that is looking for not just a singer, but a singer who can compose his or her own song!

    take a look at that!

  6. Hi Daphne!

    Give us a call when you come by Perth again! Heard you were "swamped" by our Sabahan relies (who came by the drove to attend my bro's wedding here) during one of your shoots in Mandurah, last December! Say "Hi" to Michelle too, K?