I'm not ready to make nice

Woes of many bloggers I have read recently tells me of a particular person hurting them which leads me to this post -- what if you are not ready to make nice to the person who has scarred you, hurt you or done something to make you very, very sad?

Its especially hard when that person is so very deeply close to you..and when you think you will never get betrayed by that special person-- when you tell your close friends and loved ones that you trust him/her completely and you share you darkest, deepest secret to him/her, when you have gone past holding hands and when you make a pact not to hurt one another. Ever.

Its especially hard when you don't know what to do cause the relationship is not easy to shrug off-- like how an old ragged doll can be tossed away when fire burns it to cinders and dark ashes.

What do you do if you are not ready to make nice?

"Forgive, sounds good.
Forget, I'm not sure I could.
They say time heals everything,
But I'm still waiting"

- Dixie Chicks-

Perhaps you can give me some advice on how to be insensitive? - Jann Arden -


  1. well said. i feel that way too... "how to be insensitive.."

  2. what's sadder is when YOU hurt the one person u love with all your heart.

    when he looks at you with abject sadness and disappointment.

    when u know u've ruined how he feels about you, himself, and what you shared.

    and you know there is no turning back. no rewinding the hands of time.

    when u can't fall asleep, cry every nite, and miss his firm hands around you.

    when u realise the stupidity of your selfish actions, and know that you have to live the rest of your life knowing that your absolute misery and pain and loss is your own fault.

    THAT kills you.

  3. thank you daisy and Pam for your comments...my friend is suffering silently...he knows who he is...I'm here for you buddy.

  4. pon, this post have hit spot on -

    and jann arden's song was playing in my head well before i reach the last line!

  5. Hey daphne, congratulations on your baby. :)

    I have a "good friend" like that, who professes to be my "best friend" to anyone who's listening, but backstab me anonymously. It hurts so much, and stupidly, i don't know how to tell her off. She's someone that i cannot shake off. Though of course, I don't tell her anything personal anymore, and i treat her cordially. :( I feel so sad and disheartened sometimes. but i just keep it to myself.


    May God bless your baby. :) You're a good person. I can see that.


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