i feel s-h-o-r-t and f-a-t

'Stole' these pictures from the very beautiful Andrea Fonseka. Women would feel very insecure around this tall, lanky, intelligent and highly down-to-earth young lady. I told her she will zap Fann and Fiona job prospects once she commits herself fulltime with MediaC, Singapore. Look at her skinny frame! Spokesperson for Marie France, a law student, model, former Miss Malaysia - she makes women cling strongly to their men and makes men of all ages (yes, even those who swing the other way!) gape in awe (saw that many a times during the event we attended).

We both are wearing designs by the lovely Jovian Mandagie and adorned by Mandalay pearls. Of course, my little one just had to make mummy feel queasy in the tummy, so I left the dinner party just when Datuk Siti was ready to sing another song.

Sigh. Thank God for Jovian's ingenious design. How to hide that grapefruit tummy?
Andrea....the angelina jolie of Malaysia


  1. im an avid reader of ur blogs.
    u still look nice n gorgeous. no worries for that,daphne. btw,congrats on ur pregnancy :D

  2. Oi, popon's child. Uncle go visit you everyday nanti. Uncle play on Wii, you sleep ok. Or better still, tell your Mama to send the Wii to Uncle's house. Then she can take care of you better. When you grow bigger, uncle send it back.Deal ?

    Eh Popon..ur titties grow that much ah ? wahh..Mr.Chong, take time off lah, come back home.What lah you.

  3. thanks raspberries!! that made me smile! its tough being in the industry that I am in, and NOT feel insecure about my expanding body...

    Adie...uncle adie...takpe...you can come over ANYTIME. Ryan got himself a wii in China too..he said cheaper to buy from there...so place your orders now!! he should be back next month.

    and yes...me like me titties. No need implants all....

  4. hi daphne
    i m a big fan of yours :)
    been following yr blog n congratulations on yr pregnancy
    u r looking great n glowing. manis!
    u go girl!

  5. hey daphne...with height like hers and THAT bod...i truly understand how you felt lah...some more you are in the public eye like most of the time....

    me no celebrity...STILL FEEL INSECURE about my post natal body ok....

    u looked gorgeous as usual though...glowing...

  6. hey fina..from the small pix you've accompanied with your comments, you sure dont look like you had kids!!!

    Yummy mummy eh?
    he he he

  7. OK.......
    I remember Andrea's face a few years back during her reign as Miss Malaysia & I had no idea how she looks now til I saw these pic. Mang jambu la.

    Daphne you also jambu ba, in a very motherly way now & many ppl would definitely be happy if they can look half of the way you look in this pic. And in the one in white bikini also. *tsk tsk*

    And we are all not even married!

    *grin* -just another reader-

  8. Hey there "just another reader" -

    thank you for those words of encouragement. Did another photo shoot and the reporter is 5 months pregnant...we've decided to do an arty farty picture of us when I am slightly bigger. Stay "tuned" for that!



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