Tuesday, June 5, 2007

four angle beans

We were having dinner the other day and we were wondering what
a)octopus is in malay (or Bahasa Malaysia)
b)what's kacang botol in English

I had a small bet with a pal of mine -- I told him that kacang botol is FOUR ANGLE BEAN. He said no.

I won.

*laugh in glee*


  1. Octopus is Lapan Anak Kucing
    Kacang Botol is a peribahasa for someone who'll get drunk after consuming a bottle of soya bean.

  2. very funny 66 :P

    ..i didnt know that kacang botol is called 4 angle bean in english ..informative!

    ..imagine, "kak, bagi ulam 4 angle bean tu"..wtf?