Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emeer - MyStarz LG

This was taken yesterday at the LG House -- a bungalow where the 12 finalists of MyStarz LG conducts their workshops. After Naz and I completed our host links for episode 2, we decided to chill out with the rest for an impromtu hour of jamming at the studio -- shown below are the production team, contestants and artist manager (congrats Idris on your recent discovery of your baby girl!)

While some of us were at the studio enjoying the music, some were outside taking a ciggie break while watching one of our youngest contestants showing off his hosting talent! This boy has so much potential. Cute Emeer.... sings and hosts like a pro. Sweet kid.

Ah..tu kak Daph!
(*i know...kak Daph..sigh..oh well)

Emeer interviewing one of the production crew
He is such an adorable character. Rachel is the other baby of the 'family'. Pictures of each contestant will be out soon once I get my act together. An amazing lot. So far, so good. No bitchy fights as yet.

MyStarz LG
Sundays 6-7pm (TV3) Live concert/ Talk show
7 - 730pm (ntv7) Uncut Behind the scene

Fridays 630- 7pm (tv3) Result show/ Talk show

Monday to Thursday 7.28pm (2 minutes) Diari

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