Monday, June 18, 2007

The companions

Now that the heat of traveling, friendship woes and the fast realization that I am to be a mother in 6months has died down, these elements have kept me sane when the non availability company of my sister, friends (both girls and guys) and of course my gentle giant is felt with much heartbreak- when pangs of loneliness hits me - in between my channel 76 & 77,wii-ing, books and pregnancy magazines...these are my pals.

just got my ipod a new radio transmitter. So I can listen to my songs on the way to work too. with my new speakers, her life is complete. perhaps i should get her new comot already.
monthly checkups and these little pictures of my growing baby is pinned proudly behind my desk. Seen vaguely is a polaroid picture (taken by Melissa Indot's daddy during her birthday) of Ryan and I. I am 9 weeks pregnant there. and a small note my husband left behind to remind me that I am thought of far, far away.
my work roster for TheBreakfastShow and MyStarz. To put it simply, I will have no social life till mid September. Charming.
NickHo, my iD, has done an amazing job so far with the designs. Can't do any renovations till the ownership is transfered though - which is a bummer cause it takes at least 3 months! But at least I have time to work on what was supposed to be the guest room -- and now the nursery. If only I knew the sex of my child...patience Pon.
Till then, I am content running campaign for the McLaren team. I am so proud of them! And what amazing skills, talent, luck and determination my Hamilton has!

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