Friday, June 8, 2007

China 2

A few (rainy) afternoons ago, as I was packing the last boxes at my old place with my mother, a pekingnese doggy came running for shelter under my house porch. Already in the car, ready to close the electronic gate; I had no heart to leave the dog drenched in the rain, so I called out "its" name "poppy..poppy" and it jumped into my car!

Mum took the poor pup and immediately took matters into her own hands.

"Doesn't she remind you of China?"
(China, my pekingnese has been given away to Cho Wei's sister Wei Ling. I had to give her up after finding out about my little one growing inside me)

"OMG! Yes...but its not her...hey there China two....who's your owner?"

We searched her collar for an indication of a number- but all we had was a cross.

"Her owner must be a Christian...if the owner put a cross on the dog, they must have a cross hanging in front of the house -- like any other staunch Christian right mum?"

Mum nods and puts on the straw hat I bought from Bali and off she goes under the heavy rain to ring the neighbor's door bell.

"kau diam diam sini kereta Pon...later you get sick"

So as I sat helplessly slightly damped from the rain, watching painfully as my 53 year old moter in her shorts and balinese straw hat, go from door to door searching for 'China 2's' owner. After the fifth house, I thought it was pretty ridiculous, plus I could see my mother's VPL and I hollered for her to come inside the car.

"Mum...come inside...its raining and its like searching for a needle in a haystack especially in this rain! you have a flight to catch! I'll figure something out"

So, we took the poor dog who seemed to have no qualms with us, back home...

To cut the story short, after sending mum home, my sister and another pal of mine went back to the neighbourhood to see if the dog was able to trace back its house now that it was just a slight drizzle.

Obiviously a house pet-- and not street smart at ALL (pun intended), we decided to take the dog back home for a night and the next day, I made "IS THIS DOGGY YOURS" posters.

In my 28 years of living, this would be the first experience of what I thought would happen to girl guides in kid shows or Hollywood family blockbusters.

To conclude, it was a feel good feeling when its owner called me and was reunited with her "miko".

And what a small world indeed -- we both shared mutual friends!

Well to Irene and Miko, I'm so glad the both of you are together again.

And to that special angel who helped me along the way... I love you! Thank you.

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  1. kakak popon.. cant wait to read & see the progress of your little one from time to time..hehe

    love you! u take care, kio!