Tuesday, June 19, 2007

authentic cravings for my kadus anak

Of late, my cravings has gone from Shanghai dumplings to authentic kadazan delicacies. Last week, I craved for bambangan and hinava (picture shown above).

I told mummy about my predicament and she was able to post the bambangan over but not the hinava which needs to be prepared fresh. After asking around from a few kadazan friends and acquaintances, the wife of a close guy pal of mine offered me her recipe. She suggested shark meat, but I'm quite reluctant to take sharky meat -- so will alter her recipe with mum's as shown below:


  • 600g raw tuna or mackeral (tenggiri), finely sliced
  • lime juice (loads of it)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste

  • 200g bitter gourd, halved, seeded and finely silced
  • 50g ginger, cut into fine strips
  • 100g shallots, peeled and finely sliced
  • 8 chili padi, finely sliced
  • 4 tablespoons dried grated bambangan seed (don't know where I can find this here in KL!)

    Combine the fish slices with the lime juice and salt in a mixing bowl. Using your fingers, work the mixture well. Set aside to marinate for 10 minutes, preferrably in the refrigerator. Add the rest of the ingredients. Toss well and serve.

  • So, wish me luck ladies! Will try it over the weekend if my work schedule disallows me to go off with the girls to err......an exotic place for Ratna's hen party!


    1. okay...now u really made me so terseliur... lama sudah ndak makan bambangan

    2. hello mommy daphne..

      *drools over* i love hinava!! many thanks for posting up this recipe...
      dating a sabahan guy i am! heh.

      i'm still awaiting for the moment to bump into you in person..*crossing fingers*
      though i'm not sure if you read chic-lit or not, i meant, shopaholic & baby. Geez.

      i love you ( eventhough my previous comments never attracted your eyes, lolz)

      take care, kio!!

    3. Hey guys!!!
      thanks for your comments...neena, kadus is my shortway of saying KADAZAN DUSUN (my race)...

      My good friend Wyomia said that I should get my mother to grate the bambangan seed and post it over, cause without it, the hinava will be 'slimy'...

      Who knows how to siang ikan?

    4. i siang ikan once and only tinggal tulang...then i resort to tesco punya staff to siangkan my ikan...

      but enjoy eating hinava...i absoutely have no idea how it taste like....

    5. Bambangan is still in season. So, Pon, if you fond of bambangan, you better minta kirim from here in airtight Tupperware. I still remember when I was pregnant with my son, I was driving to work and out of nowhere, I smell bambangan. That was in April 2004. So, I called my mum to ask whether she has bambangan even old stock also I don't mind. She said she already threw all. Furthermore, it was not the bambangan season. So, I just let it go. Came bambangan season, my mum gave me one big Nescafe bottle of Bambangan, my mum in law bought one big bottle as well and my hubby's grandma gave me another bottle....3 bottles of Bambangan! You know what I did? I just take a teaspoon and that was it. Luckily my in laws finished it. Hehehe...mengidam punya pasal. With my son, I had almost everyday, mangga air (yg paling asam punya)with amoi & salt and tom yam soup or anything sour lah. However, when I had my two daughters, I craved cakes, pastries or anything that is sweet.

    6. hey fina!!

      yea..maybe i should just resort to others cleaning my fish gills...nazrudin (my best (straight) boy-friend and Co-host for tbs & MyStarz) showed me a tip on how to "siang" ikan.
      Looked too gruesome, so will do what Fina has been doing

      And Spij's, yea...i know what you mean by the cravings...so i guess i should be expecting a boy then huh?

      i'm almost done with the bambangan mum sent from home!

      love u all!!!