Monday, May 28, 2007

when things go missing

So my team wins the race! (Pictures to be posted soon!)

After having raised the benchmark-- I'll probably watch the Sepang race in the comfort of my living room the next time around. With the exception of Asia's anticipated (and controversial)Bernie-OBS's project in our southern neighbouring country, one will probably think twice of beating the jam for F1 - after being at the Monaco Circuit.

St Tropez is a beautiful town...I must come back with my family the next time around. Of course, a more comprehensive report on my trip here -- but my only sadness is losing euro500 during my stay here. We were in a rush to go out for dinner, so while changing from my good ole Coach knapsack to my dainty gold clutch, I grabbed just enough cash for cab and tips and popped my Visa in my dinner bag for a night of fine dining and disco dancing at what's claimed to be St Tropez's hippest club.

To my dismay, the next day, I found my money missing (from my wallet that I had kept in my knapsack that was stuffed in the cupboard). I searched everywhere. Tracing back, I was VERY certain I had left that note in my wallet. But knowing deep inside that I should have locked that particular note with the rest of the money in the safe-- I didn't want to make a big fuss. (Un)fortunately, I shared this piece of disturbing news with Mui who (practically) forced me to report the incident to the hotel management.

Mui: Pon, you HAVE to report it...the last time something like this happened to me in Perth, I reported it...and the Aussie's were very happy that I did what I did...cause its important for them to know their staff's credibility...

Pon: Takpe la Mui...its my fault for not putting it inside the safe

Mui: It's the principle of things Pon! If you don't do it, I'm going to do it..!!!!

Pon: Really lah...its okay mui...takpe la..let it be...I wrote a note and left it near the place where i kept my bag..

Mui: You wrote a note? (*you moron)

Pon: know...karma hits you at the weirdest times...nanti si pencuri tu sedar la...

Mui: You wrote a note? (* are you not listening to me moron?)


Mui: And you left it near the safe area?(* OMG! My friend IS a moron!)

Pon: Yup! If he or she doesn't return it...takpe lah..bukan rezeki I.

*Mui then drags me to the reception to complain*

Of course, I never saw the note again. But its okay. At least they left me an extra cookie.

And guess who just turned 12weeks?


  1. Goodness.. he/she sure is growing fast!!! :D

    Grow up to be pretty like mommy or hansem like daddy!!! Yay~ Take care girl... You'll be a beautiful mommy!!

  2. u have a very interesting and appealin blog here.

    i will definitely add u to my links.

  3. I'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog!! btw, i happen to think that you're one of the most gorgeous women in msia!! lucky hubby ya?! congrats with the baby!!

  4. Heya Pon! Congrats! I'm having one too..16 weeks now. Looks like our babies are lucky to be born in year of the Golden Piggy...hehehe..

    Take care ya!

    Rgds, Angeline S Chin

  5. "Mui: You wrote a note? (*you moron)

    Pon: know...karma hits you at the weirdest times...nanti si pencuri tu sedar la...

    Mui: You wrote a note? (* are you not listening to me moron?)"


  6. hello....congratulations!! =p

  7. Daphne! Take good care of your health and the baby ok?! :D