Monday, May 7, 2007

Going to the Chapel of Love

As kids, we used to sing this song to friends who fancied each other/another:-

___ & ___ sitting on the tree,
First comes love,
Then comes marriage,
Then comes a baby, in a baby carriage!

Sigh...the innocence of surreal everything is at this particular moment....

To those who have surrounded me with lots of love, advice and prayers during these trying times, THANK YOU. I'm a bitch to be with right now, but hopefully in a week or 2, I'll be myself again...and less of a whining wuss.

And to that special person listening in to every word I say, knowing each thought I think and feeling the verbal abuse each day as the body changes, I love you. No matter how shitty I can be-- I really do love you. I hope you learn to love me too. I'm not that bad a humanbeing. Trust me.


  1. Hi Daphne, hope it's not too late to wish you "CONGRATULATIONS" on your wedding day... love looking at all your wedding pics... You look so gorgeous & smiling radiantly as a blossom bride should be... Been visiting your site almost everyday (since mid last year) and you never failed to impress me... Very proud of you... Once again, Congratulations To You & Ryan !

    Love, Jocelyn Basilius

    P/S : I dunno whether you remember me or not... I'm Michelle's classmate... hehehe...

  2. Wow, Amazing wedding! Congratulations. :)

  3. those are lovely pictures :)

  4. Ahhh, if I read between the lines, you are on the way to motherhood land, right?

    If yes, then congrats!! :D

    Oh and congrats on your marriage too. T'was beautiful!!

  5. congrats on the wedding and on the impending baby! i so want to get preggers but we're still trying our best.. how do u do it so easily? hehe silly question.

    congrats again and i know ur baby's gonna look as lovely as the parents :)

    take care!

    ps: we can all be bitches when we're pms-ing or pregnant. we're allowed to :D

  6. Congrats Popon!

    Special memories are for you & hubby to keep, for now and years to come!

    See ya around :-)

  7. I hope you read that book I got you. Try taking a spoonful of bird's nest every morning.

    Do you know some ppl turn their wedding dress into the lining for their baby's crib? It's a western tradition. Lets see how Valetine likes his gown recycled into a crib!

  8. as much as i wanna be glad that you've completed your union as a couple, can't help but feel slight tinge of remorse over the loss of yet another cool malaysian single chick from the scene.

    all the same, salute.