Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil



This is what mastura and mui have to say:
OK.Tak Jadi.

They stare at me in bewilderment as I ask them to write on my blog -- I've decided to write instead while they watch or rather stare with beady eyes.
Geez...I'm moving to my seat.


Earlier, I had posted a picture of the two of them while waiting for them to arrive at BVI.
Then they arrived.

"eh...i thought the both of you coming much later...just planned on blogging!"

They said in unison;

"boleh...tapi mesti tulis nama kitorang"

Fancy the coincidence, I tell them. Look what picture I intended to blog about?

They saw it and said in unison..."NO WAY! We look damn kao fugly lah..."

Hence the impromtu photo shoot via my iBooth on my DaddyMac.

My shopping buddies. My karaoke buddies. And recently, they Capitalize the B in Bimbo-ness. heh heh heh... But I love them both.

More to write but we have to get going--as I am the designated supir.

On another note, love is a funny word. Strange what you have to do in the name of love. Sometimes, love just ain't enough