Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh dear


On the front page of the NST, a gory shooting incident killing 32 college students by a South Korean jilted student makes the headlines. The report does not mention any possible motive on why Cho Seung-Hui went ahead with his killing spree and ultimately, taking his own life with him; but it does mention that the first deadly attack left 2 people dead --18 year old Emily Hilscher , believed to be his ex-girlfriend, who he thought was seeing someone else; and student counsellor Ryan Clark, 22, who apparently tried to intervene.

What was NOT reported was this: Ryan and Emily were having an affair, that's why Emily broke up with Seung-Hui and he was so distraughted and dismayed (cause he just bought her a gigantic engagement ring only to find out about her love for another man whom she fell in love with during her counselling training).

And where did I get this hot piece of news from? From the coffee talk of some locals reading the papers at the kopi house. What imaginative minds we have when it comes to linking pieces of information together.


"Eh...heard she's dating that reality show star? Waaa...from one of the same name to another hoh?"

misread? Just because they've been seen on a few occasions together.

"The couple ungrateful. Kedekut. Don't want to give the reward money to the Burmese couple. That's why they ask the polis people go tangkap them. Hmmph! Like la..its there money!"

misread? Shamsul had said that he would not take any action against the person who took Yin away if the boy was returned unhurt. Yin came home with a smiling face, but with blisters on his feet. Shamsul had admitted that he would forgive the culprit if his son was returned safely to him but said the matters was out of his hands as the police had decided to arrest the couple and Shamsul can't interfere in that. He also announced that he wold hand over the reward money of RM13,000 to the couple if police find no case against them But If they are charged, the reward will be given to the Welfare Department.

"She's actually pregnant...See her slight bump? She keeps rubbing it wan....I was like that with my first pregnancy!And look at her tits!!! Engorged I tell you...ENGORGED!"

misread? Daphne has gained weight cause she is a glutton and loves her nasi lemak and Bestari indomee supper. She exercises irregularly and has a penchant for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Shy only.


  1. my goodness.. so, i share taste with the beautiful daphne iking :p

    -nina, on hot choco and marshallows, *or sometimes marshmallows dipped in chocolate sauce..-

  2. its ok to be fat,
    as long as you are healthy.

    look at sammo hung.

  3. Food shouldn't be over-rated.
    It's the principle of life!