Friday, April 20, 2007

LA Pictures

Where we stayed. 45 minutes away from Hollywood. Owned by a prominent Malaysian. The thing I remember most is
i) it is true about the MAS crew
ii) they serve fantastic bee hoon goreng (I would go down for breakies praying and hoping that it would be on the buffet each day)


(& Pluto)

At Camarillo (over 120 branded factory outlets; turned broke here) with my roomie Ms Ganas Syifa and good buddie Masietura

The young girl who slapped me. Cute & Opinionated. Like her mother. Only fairer and .... . She is also a relative of Aidid Marcello.

I wish for....

Guests of Minnie Mouse

Looking back, is he pluto or goofy?

Winter Sonata in LA

Almost believable animals. Scared the panties off me though. Shy only.

More of Disneyland

Smelly Cat...smelly C..a...t...

Daphne as 'Daphne' in Scooby Doo's van
(check out the hood Mas! Geddit?)

At the set of General Hospital
or GH...
or the hospital

"Hey're so lovely..."

Paramount pix

March is DEFINITELY lonely if you're not touched by madness. My madness came in doses of Mui and Mas.

When we were all FRIENDS


  1. I love these happy happy pics!
    Makes me wanna be a kid again.

  2. hey! love the pics. seems like you guys had fun in disneyland. nice. i bet damian is being all jealous now. haha. he was such a dork on stage just now. damian, as in your brother :) have more fun, and take more pictures!

  3. Hiya, just came across ur blog.sorry dont mean to stalking anyone here but have to admit enjoyed looking thru pics,lovely gorgeous ppl.Anyways, glad u had brilliant trip there and thanks for sharing.Yeap enjoy while u still have it as a mum I know..hohohho
    Vee from cph

  4. Hye Daphne,
    Just drop by at ur page..Having so much fun ha at LA??I want to go there too..Someday.. Perhaps..
    You take care gurl.. Love you when u non-stop-talking..
    You go Gurl!!!

  5. hey i didn't know you blog..! :) great stuff...hope all is well!

  6. Its a white and boots day for the two of you. Love the look!

  7. Another hot Sabahan chic hits LA.. thats awesome!